Corsair AX 860 W Review 39

Corsair AX 860 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Corsair AX860 retails for $199.99
  • Delivered full power at 45°C
  • Highly efficient
  • Superb ripple suppression
  • Tight voltage regulation on all rails
  • Semi-fanless operation
  • Fully modular
  • Only uses Japanese caps
  • Seven-year warranty
  • Price
  • Position of the fan control switch (should be at the front of the PSU)
The co-operation of Corsair and Seasonic delivered, yet again, another excellent product: the AX860 whose performance is only a hair's breath away from its significantly more expensive and digitally controlled AX860i sibling. The performance of the AX860 is ground-breaking and Seasonic's new platform with code number KM3 carries many improvements over the previous KM2 platform that already offered top-notch performance. So the answer to the question of whether an already excellent product can be improved upon further is definitely affirmative, and the fresh AX860 is a solid piece proof. This unit has far too many positive aspects to list, but its most significant are its ultra-tight voltage regulation, sky-high efficiency throughout all load ranges, excellent ripple suppression, a fanless mode in which the PSU will spend most of its operational life if you choose the hybrid operation option, the high build-quality, its fully modular design, and, of course, Corsair's great support, since it is backed up by a seven-year warranty. The large number of connectors this unit is equipped with is the cherry on top. They even make this unit suitable for a system with a triple SLI/Crossfire configuration. Its only downside, after trying to think of a negative, is its stiff price, but with so many features and such stellar performance, it would be too good to be true if they offered the AX680 for a budget price. High-quality components and proper manufacturing methods do, after all, cost significantly more, and, yes, Corsair/Seasonic surely can tell first-hand tales of that.

To sum up, if you don't need the extra features of the AX860i (mainly the software monitoring/control) and want the top performing PSU of a capacity under 1 kW, the new AX860 was made for you. It costs a lot, I know, but nothing good in this life comes for free, right?
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