Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory DDR4-3200 MHz CL16 4x16 GB Review 29

Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory DDR4-3200 MHz CL16 4x16 GB Review

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High performance memory kits have evolved over the last few years, both in styling and technology. Styling has shifted to heavier heat sinks, LED light bars, and fancy RGB control software. The technology has done what it inevitably will by producing greater speeds and densities at generally lower cost as DDR4 has matured. While some would bemoan the current design trends, I believe they are beneficial in general, providing greater build flexibility and putting more control in the hands of the user.

The newest family of memory kits from Crucial aims to cater to both sides of the fence. The Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory comes in both a standard and an RGB variant. Combined with the variety of heat spreader colors Crucial is offering, the Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory line should have something for everyone. The Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory I have for testing today is a pair of Crucial's mid-spec kits: 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) 3200 MHz at 16-18-18-36 and 1.35 V.

3200 MHz used to be the gold standard for Ryzen builds. The Ryzen 3000 series both reinforced that standard and shattered it at the same time. With 3200 MHz natively supported on the new Ryzen platform, what once was a goal post is now a given. With the goal post shifted to the 3600 MHz sweet spot, the focus has shifted to memory kits that target that previously obscure spec. Are 3200 MHz kits still worth it? Let's find out!


Speed Rating:DDR4-3200
Rated Timings:16-18-18-36
Tested Capacity:32 GB (16 GB x2) x2
Tested Voltage:1.35 V
PCB Type:8 layers
Error Checking:Non-ECC
Form Factor:288-pin DIMM
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
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