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The tiny little box the C7 comes in measures 11.4 cm in length, 8.9 cm in width, and 12 cm in height. Small coolers also makes for a small box, so there is nothing out of the ordinary here. The front of the box will greet you with a close-up of the C7 and CRYORIG's logo. "C7" is prominently displayed on the left side, while the back covers the heatsink's and fan's specifications and lists all supported sockets.

The right side mentions a few of the C7's features, such as its compact design that's meant to fit anywhere and the fact that it should be extremely easy to install. The top of the box just lists the company name "CRYORIG" and the slogan "research idea gear".


When I opened the box, the C7 was encased in cardboard; however, there was no real space between the inner and outer box to protect the cooler. I would have liked a slightly larger box that offers a bit more protection. With that said, CRYORIG will remind you to register the cooler on their website to receive an extra three years of warranty for a total of six years upon opening the box. A good warranty is nice to see as it shows that CRYORIG is willing to stand behind their products.

The heatsink's small size allows it to offer maximum memory clearance. However, that also means we won't be seeing top-tier performance. However, this cooler's small size will make it fit into 99.9% of the cases available today. It's absolutely tiny! I am actually interested in its performance since it's only about the size of the palm of my hand. A note of interest: Intel's LGA1366 and LGA2011 sockets are not supported, but that does not really surprise all things considered.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 4x Backplate nuts
  • 1x User's manual
  • 1x X-bar mounting plate
  • 1x Backplate
  • 1x 92 mm x 92 mm x 15 mm fan
  • 1x Heatsink
  • 1x Tube of thermal compound
  • 1x Hex screwdriver
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