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D-Tek Fuzion GPU and Uni-Sink Review

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I would like to thank Petra’s Tech Shop for providing our test sample.

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The D-Tek Fuzion GPU block ended up on our test bed today, along with a D-Tek Uni-Sink intended for GeForce 8800GTX/Ultra cards.

The performance of the 8800 series from NVIDIA may be spectacular, but when it comes to the heat output of the core, NVIDIA’s engineers haven’t done such a great job. Result: the card idles at around 60° C, with load temperatures over 80° C. Fortunately, the card works great at these temperatures, and doesn’t seem to mind. What if you are looking to overclock the card, or just want to lower your temperatures for peace of mind? There are air heatsinks, of course, or you could go water for an even greater drop in temps.

The Fuzion is a new waterblock from D-Tek Customs, that comes in both CPU and GPU variants. The performance of the Fuzion CPU is excellent, that is well known from the reports of users that own the block. But the GPU block still holds some secrets, which we hope to uncover – how will it perform, and also, what about the pressure drop of such a block?

The Uni-Sink is supposed to offer a comprehensive solution to the problems users have been experiencing when water cooling their 8800 cards – the many memory chips and voltage regulators require several heatsinks, which are only held on by adhesive tape – as you can guess, they do tend to fall off, and in general, this isn’t such a great way out from our problems. The D-Tek Uni-sink mounts onto the card using the stock hardware and cools not only the memory, but the aforementioned voltage regulators as well as the NVIO chip.


Directly from the D-Tek website:

Fuzion GFX

The all-new D-Tek FuZion™ GFX CPU block will bring a new level to GPU cooling with its direct impingement design, appearance, and high quality manufacturing. Unique to the FuZion™ GFX is the mid chamber design that provides good flowrates while utilizing direct impingement to the GPU core that puts this block at the level we normally see only in CPU cooling designs. The GFX is the perfect match for the FuZion™ CPU waterblock.
  • 100% copper baseplate featuring dense rounded pins and smooth flow channel.
  • Anti-oxidant treated precision machine lapped copper baseplate.
  • Low profile design allows installation with Nvidia® SLI and ATI's CrossFire™ systems.
  • Black one-piece molded delrin mid chamber is pressure balanced and internally optimized for rapid water transfer.
  • G-1/4" hose barb threading offers compatibility with a wide variety of cooling kits currently on the market as well as direct European compatibility.
  • Chrome plated 1/2" or 3/8" Hi-Flow hose barbs included.
  • Includes all hardware and chrome plated S/S mounting and backing plates for ATI® and Nvidia® video cards including the 8800
  • 100% leak tested prior to distribution.


The UNI-Sink is a one piece easy to install solution designed to cool the nVidia™ GeForce 8800 GTX memory and voltage mosfets in one easy bolt on package.
It is designed to optimize as much surface area as possible and eliminate individual heatsink applications to each memory chip.
The UNI-Sink works in tandem with the FuZion GFX block for an outstanding combination of cooling performance without the expense and lack of upgradability of full cover card specific waterblocks.
  • High amount of surface area for excellent thermal control
  • One-piece design or easy installation
  • Full coverage for Memory, Voltage Mosfets and I/O chip
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Designed to work in tandem with the FuZion GFX GPU Waterblock
  • Uses existing OEM mounting hardware
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