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Enermax Platimax 1500 W Review

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We would like to thank Enermax for supplying the review sample.

Enermax currently has the most complete 80PLUS Platinum lineup, called Platimax, which consists of five units with capacities ranging from 600W to 1200W. Although there are five 80 Plus Platinum compliant Platimax units, there is another one which due to the exclusive use of 220-240VAC input cannot be classified by the 80 Plus organization which evaluates desktop PSUs only at 115VAC. This model sits right at the top of the Platimax series and is able to deliver 1500W of power with over 90% efficiency, according to Enermax. The Platimax 1500 (or EPM1500EGT) currently is one of the strongest and efficient PSUs available on the market today. According to Enermax it can achieve 90-95% efficiency at 20-100% load. Of course its efficiency is higher than the Platinum levels thanks to the 230VAC power input which raises efficiency by 1-1.5% compared to 115VAC.

Briefly, the EPM1500EGT uses the same design features like the MaxRevo and other Platimax units. A specially designed main transformer along with the copper-bridge array that transfers DC voltages to the modular PCB are also present in the big Enermax along with many more state of the art features. The amount of provided connectors is amazing, ten PCIe connectors along with two EPS, fourteen SATA and ten peripheral ones are at your disposal. This unit is a real power house and it will, effortlessly, feed everything with power you throw at it. But we better end the prologue here; it’s high time to introduce you to the beast.

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