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Everglide Titan "Fnatic Edition" Review

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First of all I would like to thank IndiWEB for supplying me with the Everglide Titan "Fnatic Edition". IndiWEB is an official European distributor of all Everglide products among other things. The company's about page reads as follows:
"WE SUPPORT YOUR SKILL" - this slogan describes our goal. We offer specialized equipment for gamers and professional users to support their PC-skills at best. Many years of experience in this area enable us to focus on the high individual requirements of users. We have a wide range of specialized products in stock in order to fulfill these demands.
Everglide started off producing some high quality hard mats, but in 2005 they came up with the Fibertek surface, which their Titan series mouse mat are based on. The Fibertek surface has a unique feel to it because of the weave and the coating. The Titan-series mouse mats from Everglide are so called hybrid mats which means that the surface is made of a fiber weave coated with some kind of polymer.

The Everglide Titan "Fnatic Edition" is the result of Everglide cooperation with team Fnatic which is one of the worlds best Counter-Strike teams.

Closer Examination

One of the things that set the Fnatic Edition apart from all of the other Everglide Titan mats is the fact that it comes in a metal cylinder with the Everglide Titan logo embossed on. It looks cool and keeps the mat protected inside.

Inside the metal cylinder the pad is further protected by a plastic wrap. The mouse mat doesn't come with any extras but I found that this pad performs really good even without any special Teflon on my mice. The standard hard Teflon is effective enough to provide excellent glide on this particular type of mat.

The base is made of natural rubber like 90% of all hybrid mats on the market today. It's 4mm in thickness just like the rest of the Everglide Titan series mats.

Because the mat is so big it doesn't really slip around on your desk, not even while gaming. This is a definitive plus since a mat that slides around can be a bit annoying.

The mat's design or graphic if you like is a bit over the edge because it was designed in cooperation with team Fnatic. The basic design of the mat is a giant Fnatic logo (White on Orange). It's really colorful but it definitely ain't stylish, and I think the radical Fnatic graphic will scare a lot customers away that aren't Fnatic-fanboys.

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