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Fanatec Headshot Controller Review

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I would like to thank Fanatec/Endor AG for supplying the review sample.

Fanatec is a brand name owned by Endor AG. The company has the subtitle "The Brainfactory". It was founded in 1998 and specializes in input devices for consoles like the Playstation and the PC. They recently announced a Prosche 911 Turbo wheel, which is an exact replica of the car's steering wheel. The general interest in the upcoming product has been great and maybe we will have the chance to take a look at it as well, once it is released. Today, we have the opportunity to take a look at the Fanatec Headshot Controller. This is a mouse & mouse pad combination with very unique features. Endor designs their products in Germany so you will not find any rebranded wares from Asia in their product line.

Fanatec Headshot Controller Features

The Headshot Controller is made of three parts, the mouse, called "Headshot", the mouse pad - called "aURa" and the software with the name "emul8or"

Headshot Controller
  • Ergonomic size adjustment to fit any hand comfortably.
  • Latest generation hi-grade precision laser sensor.
  • 6 buttons plus 5-way scroll wheel.
  • PlasmaGlydeTM mouse feet.
  • Innovative design allows your fingers to rest comfortably on the mouse eliminating friction.
  • Up to 4,000 DPI (2,000 native) resolution; switchable during game play.
  • Lightweight, non-tangle cable.
  • Non-slip high-injection mold TPR rubber grip.
aURa Mouse Pad
  • Illuminated cable arch and mouse are separately adjustable; multi-color, brightness, and pulsing frequency.
  • Advanced gliding technology through the combination of the low-friction PlasmaGlydeTM mouse feet and aURaTM mouse pad.
  • Cable arch management system.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 hub.
emul8or Drivers
  • Joystick emulation-compatible with all racing games, flight simulators, etc...
  • Universal programming of mouse and all standard keyboard keys.
  • Macros executed with correct timing, allows for purchase scripts, grenade throw, communication, looping events, etc...
  • Double assignment of all keyboard keys with long-click or double click.
  • On-the-fly programming during game play.
  • Automatic creation of profiles for all software applications.
  • Auto-switching between profiles, depending on the active program.
  • Created with Germaneering.
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