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FSP Dagger Pro 650 W Review

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We would like to thank FSP for supplying the review sample.

The FSP Dagger Pro 650 W is among the very few SFX PSUs featuring two EPS connectors, which makes it suitable for high-end mainboards and power-hungry CPUs. The new Dagger line from FSP consists of two models with respective capacities of 550 W and 650 W. In today's review, I will take a detailed look at the stronger unit with model number SDA2-650.

The SDA2-650 is fully modular and achieves a high power density score because of its compact dimensions. Currently, the highest-capacity SFX unit is Corsair's SF750, but still, 650 W out of such a small platform is an impressive feat. However, what matters the most is keeping performance high in all areas, and not compromising anywhere.

The SDA2-650 comes with a 92 mm double ball-bearing fan. In terms of dimensions, this is the largest fan an SFX unit can take. The previous Dagger with a capacity of 600 W couldn't keep up with the competition mostly because of a ripple problem on its +3.3V rail, so I am eager to see whether this new model can face off against the competition, which includes the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM also made by FSP but based on a different platform.


FSP SDA2-650 Features & Specifications
Max. DC Output650 W
EfficiencyETA-S* & 80 PLUS Gold
NoiseLAMBDA-S (40-45 dB[A])*
Intel C6/C7 Power State Support
Operating Temperature0–40 °C
ProtectionsOver Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Power Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Cooling92 mm double ball-bearing fan (PLA09215B12H)
Semi-passive Operation
Dimensions125 mm (W) x 65 mm (H) x 98 mm (D)
Weight0.89 kg (1.96 lb)
ComplianceSFX, EPS 2.92
Warranty7 years
Price at Time of Review (excl. VAT)$124.99

*The SDA2-650 is not certified by Cybenetics, but based on my results, it meets the cited Cybenetics certification.

FSP SDA2-650 Power Specifications
Rail3.3 V5 V12 V5 VSB-12 V
Max. Power20 A20 A54 A2.5 A0.3 A
120 W648 W12.5 W3.6 W
Total Max. Power650 W

Cables and Connectors

Modular Cables
DescriptionCable CountConnector Count (Total)GaugeIn-cable Capacitors
ATX connector 20+4 pin (500 mm)1118-22AWGNo
8 pin EPS12V (700 mm) / 4+4 pin EPS12V (150 mm)1218AWGNo
6+2 pin PCIe (350 mm)2218AWGNo
SATA (350 mm+100 mm+100 mm) / 4-pin Molex (+100 mm)13 / 118AWGNo
SATA (350 mm+100 mm) / 4-pin Molex (+100 mm) / FDD (+100 mm)12 / 1 / 118-22AWGNo
AC Power Cord (1380 mm) - C13 coupler1118AWG-

The two EPS connectors affect how many PCIe connectors there are, of which there are also two. Strangely enough, the ATX and EPS cables are long, while the PCIe and the peripheral cables are short. Finally, the distance between peripheral connectors is short at 100 mm, but I will let this slide since SFX PSUs are for small cases.

Component Analysis

FSP SDA2-650 Parts Description
General Data
Manufacturer (OEM)FSP
PCB TypeDouble-sided
Primary Side
Transient Filter4x Y caps, 2x X caps, 2x CM chokes, 1x MOV
Bridge Rectifier(s)1x HY GBU1506U (600 V, 15 A @ 100 °C)
Inrush Current ProtectionNTC thermistor & relay
APFC MOSFETs2x ROHM Semiconductor R6030KNX (600 V, 30 A, 0.13 Ohm)
APFC Boost Diode2x Infineon IDD06SG60C (600 V, 6 A @ 130 °C)
Hold-up Cap(s)1x Nippon Chemi-Con (420 V, 330 uF, 2000 h @ 105 °C, KMZ)
Main Switch1x Infineon SPA17N80C3 (800 V, 11 A @ 100 °C, 0.29 Ohm)
Reset Switch1x Infineon IPD80R2K8CE (800 V, 1.1 A @ 100 °C, 2.8 Ohm)
Combo APFC/Switching ControllerFSP 6600 IC
TopologyPrimary side: Active Clamp Reset Forward
Secondary side: Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC converters
Secondary Side
+12V2x Infineon IPP023NE7N3 G (75 V, 120 A @ 100 °C, 2.3 mOhm)
5V & 3.3VDC-DC converters: 4x Infineon BSC0902NS (30 V, 67 A @ 100 °C, 2.6 mOhm)
PWM controllers: ANPEC APW7159C
Filtering CapacitorsElectrolytics: 1x Nippon Chemi-Con (2 - 8,000 h @ 105 °C, LXZ), 2x Rubycon (3 - 6,000 h @ 105°C, YXG), 2x Rubycon (6 - 10,000 h @ 105 °C, ZLH)
Polymers: Teapo
Supervisor ICSITI PS113A (OVP, UVP, SCP, PG)
Fan ModelPower Logic PLA09215B12H (92 mm, 12 V, 0.55 A, double ball bearing fan)
5VSB Circuit
Switching FETCET CEB02N7G FET (700 V, 1.3 A @ 100 °C, 6.75 Ohm)
Standby PWM ControllerFSP 6601 IC (?)

Although the previous Dagger model used a half-bridge topology, which is among the most common nowadays because it offers good performance, FSP decided to go with its favorite topology with this unit, Active Clamp Reset Forward (ACRF). I am not that fond of ACRF because I thus far haven't seen a platform that uses it offer top performance on par with half-bridge and full-bridge topologies. On the other hand, ACRF platforms can achieve very long hold-up times with small bulk caps, which is a big advantage for compact PSUs.

The transient filter includes all the necessary parts, and there is also an NTC thermistor along with a bypass relay.

The APFC converter includes two FETs and an equal number of boost diodes, while the bulk cap is by Chemi-Con. The main switch is an Infineon SPA17N80C3, and the other switch is an IPD80R2K8CE FET by the same manufacturer.

On the secondary side, two Infineon FETs regulate the +12V rail, and a couple of VRMs handle the minor rails.

The electrolytic caps are of high quality since all of these belong to good lines of respected Japanese manufacturers (Rubycon and Chemi-Con).

At the front of the modular board are several polymer caps by Teapo that provide an extra ripple-filtering layer. The protections IC is installed in this section.

The 5VSB regulator circuit.

Soldering quality is good.

The cooling fan uses a double ball-bearing, which is the best choice for compact high-capacity PSUs.
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