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Gigabyte Sumo Power Silver 900 W Review

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We would like to thank Gigabyte for supplying the review sample.

Gigabyte is one of the largest companies in the IT hardware field, with a very rich product range including motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks, desktops, various PC components, cellular phones and of course Power Supply Units. Although the company is most well known for their motherboards, from time to time they release a new PSU series, however they do not go after the latest technology in this field.
Gigabyte's latest PSU series is named Sumo Power, probably because its only two members enjoy relative high capacity. The stronger of the two can deliver up to 1200W while the smaller one is rated at 900W. Today we will review the Sumo Power Silver 900W in order to find out how it stands against the fierce competition.

Briefly, the Sumo Power Silver 900W, according to Gigabyte, features an entirely new circuit design and on top of that it is 80 Plus Silver certified so it will save you some bucks on the electricity bill. The holdup capacitor is Japan made, in its secondary side solid capacitors are used for prolonged lifespan and the +12V rail is split into five virtual rails. Finally the PSU utilizes a modular cabling design and the 120mm sleeve-bearing cooling fan features blue LED lighting, which can be deactivated by a switch in the front of the unit.

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