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Glorious Model O- Review

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Shape and Dimensions


The shape of the Model O- can be described in one sentence: it's the Model O, just smaller. That having been said, the smaller size does change the way the Model O- feels in hand considerably. The Model O- is a small ambidextrous mouse with a centered hump that slopes down organically. The sides are mostly straight vertically, but curved horizontally. Both the front and the back barely flare out, which—coupled with the overall low profile—results in a shape that provides hardly any palm support. As a consequence, my grip—which is a claw grip otherwise—naturally gravitated towards a fingertip grip with the Model O-. Surprisingly enough, it worked quite well in practice—partly at least, I reckon, due to the Model O-'s shape being notably neutral. The only somewhat fancy design element consists of the moderately deep comfort grooves in the main buttons.

For the reasons mentioned above, I'd say the Model O- is mostly suited for fingertip and claw grip, with claw grip and palm grip becoming more comfortable the smaller your hands are. For reference, my hand size is 19x10 cm, and the Model O- was definitely a bit too small for my usual claw grip.


This table includes the dimensions of the Glorious Model O- and several other ambidextrous mice. "Front height" denotes the distance between the base and main buttons. Measurements with two decimals have been taken with a caliper, while those with one decimal have been taken with a ruler.

Glorious Model O- Dimensions
Model O-Model OViperXM1FK2
Base length11.3 cm12.1 cm11.2 cm11.6 cm12.1 cm
Length including overhang11.8 cm12.8 cm12.5 cm12.2 cm12.3 cm
Front height (lowest point)1.0 cm1.0 cm1.0 cm0.9 cm0.7 cm
Height (highest point)3.49 cm3.72 cm3.70 cm3.83 cm3.66 cm
Front width (widest point)5.72 cm6.08 cm6.26 cm6.16 cm6.00 cm
Back width (widest point)6.24 cm6.62 cm6.59 cm6.49 cm6.46 cm
Grip width (narrowest point)5.43 cm5.69 cm5.79 cm6.06 cm5.85 cm

Here are some comparison shots with each of the measured mice:

Glorious Model O

Razer Viper Ultimate

Endgame Gear XM1

Zowie BenQ FK2
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