Kingwin LZP-550 Lazer Platinum 550 W Review 13

Kingwin LZP-550 Lazer Platinum 550 W Review

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We would like to thank Kingwin for supplying the review sample.

Although it's easy to find many Platinum certified power suppies on the 80Plus website, their availability in the market is very limited at this time. The first platinum PSU that was widely available is the LZP-550 from Kingwin. This unit is based on Super Flower's Golden King 550W and according to Kingwin up to 550W output it meets Platinum standards but if needed it can deliver 650W with Gold efficiency. A PSU that officially can be overclocked and still keep Gold efficiency.

A very interesting feature of the LZP-550 is that its fan will not spin up until the temperature inside the unit reaches 65-70° Celsius, so most of the time, depending on the load of course and on the ambient/airflow of the case, this unit will go fanless. With platinum units, where energy dissipation is minimal, it is relatively easy to eliminate the use of the cooling fan or utilize very low RPM/noise settings. This is good news for users that seek inaudible components for their systems and without any doubt PSUs are a significant noise source.

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