Metro Exodus Benchmark Performance, RTX & DLSS 156

Metro Exodus Benchmark Performance, RTX & DLSS

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Metro Exodus is the latest, and probable series finale to the Metro 2033 franchise, which is an adaptation of a novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. This richly story-driven first-person shooter is set in post-apocalyptic Russia, where survivors of a nuclear war have taken shelter in the extensive Moscow underground and battle increasing attacks from malevolent mutant predators and enemy factions.

The storyline of "Exodus" picks up from the "Redemption" episode of "Last Light" set two years later in the year 2036. You play as our protagonist Artyom, who is now 23-years old and flees the icy Moscow Metro on a journey due East along the Trans-Siberian Railroad, alongside the Spartan Rangers. The first part of the story is in finding a functional railway locomotive near the Ural Mountains, which can haul a train of survivors Eastbound in search of a new life.

Speaking of engines, pulling the game is 4A Engine, which is demonstrating just how modular and scalable it is. "Metro Exodus" takes advantage of DirectX 12 and is only the second title to implement DXR and NVIDIA RTX technology. Unlike Battlefield V, Exodus leverages RTX for lighting and shadows, not just reflections. This is particularly interesting in dark rooms with light creeping through. That's not all as Exodus also includes support for DLSS (Deep-learning Supersampling), one of the killer image quality features of the GeForce RTX 20-series, which works to improve performance without sacrificing too much quality. 4A Games has made sure you are richly rewarded for faster hardware.

We put the game through a selection of graphics cards across all price-points, including special tests for RTX and DLSS.
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