Mistel Vision MX650 Fanless 650 W Review 6

Mistel Vision MX650 Fanless 650 W Review

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We would like to thank Mistel for supplying the review sample.

Like the majority of you, we only just recently heard of Mistel because of VSG's keyboard reviews. We also did not know that this brand offers power supplies, and it was a nice surprise when they asked us whether we could take a look at one of their fanless models, the MX650.

Although the brand's official site is "mistelkeyboard.com", you will also find several power supplies, including the MX650 and its small brother, the MX550, there. The first is 80 PLUS Platinum and ETA-A certified, while the latter is 80 PLUS Gold and has not been tested by Cybenetics yet.

There might be no fan, but there is RGB lighting in the form of a pair of LEDs which are soldered on to the modular board. Thanks to the great number of perforations on the chassis to increase airflow, the RGB lighting will be readily visible. This is actually the first passive PSU with RGB lighting.

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