Mountain Mods Ascension Crystal Ship CYO Case Review 29

Mountain Mods Ascension Crystal Ship CYO Case Review

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The MountainMods case came ready to be assembled, packed doubled boxed very nicely with packing peanuts to keep everything safe during shipping.

Cardboard is used to keep dissimilar parts from damaging others. Smaller parts are secured to cardboard to keep everything from shifting around while in transport. Everything is wrapped individually in several layers of Saran wrap to keep them safe from scratching during the unpacking process.

The accessories are wrapped separately in a small heavy duty plastic bag wrapped tightly in cardboard like the other parts.


After unwrapping everything you will have 24 to 30 pieces depending on which options you order. The finish of the aluminum portions of the case are coated in durable powder coat "mirror black" which is stunningly reflective. One thing to note is that fingerprints show up rather quickly when handling the parts. The accessory bundle with the case includes four wheels which is nice for a case of this size. The necessary screws needed for assembly are also included as well as a set of PCI filler brackets to cover any unused slots. Two pre-wired aluminum power/reset buttons are included along with two LEDs for power and hard drive activity.

MountainMods has designed a unique way to mount 3.5 inch hard drives. The brackets mount to a standard 120 mm fan or radiator. Because this case's design makes use of 140 mm fans the manufacturer has also included 120 mm to 140 mm adapter plates made of the same smoked black acrylic as the panels of the case.

Customized Panels

There are many available options and you can even specify custom designs if you choose. For this case I ordered the front and rear panels to allow for use of 140 mm radiators, such as the HardwareLabs GTX series. MountainMods is currently the only company that provides a case that can fit such large radiators like the GTX560 used in this review. Hole spacing options for almost all radiators currently available on the market are available. I opted for dual power supplies along with the new XL-ATX motherboard tray which has ten PCI slots to make use of the newer motherboards such as the EVGA X58 4-way Classified and other upcoming motherboards. The aluminum parts of the case come powder coated in Mirror Black. Another option which can be specified is the acrylic color of your choice. Available options are: standard clear, mirror, smoked black, UV orange, UV green, or UV blue, all of which are transparent. Other Acrylic colors may be available at a later time, as Mountain Mods owner Ben Rising has told us.
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