Mountain Mods Ascension Crystal Ship CYO Case Review 29

Mountain Mods Ascension Crystal Ship CYO Case Review

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We would like to thank MountainMods for supplying this review sample.

About the company: From the Mountain Mods Website
Mountain Mods was established in June of 2003. The birth of Mountain Mods coincided with the unveiling of the first revision of the U2-UFO chassis. Mountain Mods at its birth produced only one single item - The U2-UFO brushed aluminum with Original Top. Shortly thereafter the Big Window and Solid Top versions were released as well as the smaller Twice7 version. In 2004 Mountain Mods filed for Patent Protection of the U2-UFO and Twice7. In 2006 the United States Patent and Trademark Office ratified the patent. While maintaining the overall design quality the U2-UFO has undergone many transformations. The evolutions are driven mainly by consumer suggestion and the growing knowledge of other manufactured parts and components. The current result of this evolutionary style is a single chassis platform that can be set up in over 15 thousand different configurations. Mountain Mods is different than most quantity based manufacturers. Mountain Mods puts its focus on quality and the continual betterment of its product. Seven years later Mountain Mods has gone from 1 to over 200 of its own products manufactured fully in the USA as well as 200 more complimenting parts made by other manufacturers in the market.


  • Hyper-modular Construction
  • Material - Aluminum 5052 / cast acrylic
  • Thickness - 1.65mm-3.25mm / .25 inches
  • Dimensions - 24x18x18 inches
  • Finish - Powder Coated mirror black / Acrylic (color options available)(smoked black in our sample)
  • Power Supplies - 2-4 optional ports (2 in our sample)
  • HD Bay - 2 sets of 120mm HD brackets - allows for use of 6 3.5 inch drives
  • 5x 5.25 Bay - Removable
  • Form Factors - mATX/ATX/EATX/XL-ATX
  • Empty Weight - 18 lbs.

Design & Ordering

MountainMods has recently Introduced their new Flash based CYO Picker for their CYO (Create Your Own) cases. This simple Flash applet that allows you to build your dream case virtually and see what it is going to look like before you place the order. You can choose options for almost any aspect of the case's design. Simply choose which case you want, then choose your options for front and rear panel hole spacing for fans and radiators, window designs, case color and finish, custom etching options, etc. You can even choose from new options that are only available from Mountain Mods (at the time of this review), such as the new XL-ATX ten slot motherboard tray and hole spacing for the new 140 mm radiators. You can also choose acrylic side panels which are currently available in six translucent colors. After toying around with the Flash-CYO Picker for 45 minutes you will feel quite tempted to click the "Order" button at the bottom of the page.
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