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nerdytec COUCHMASTER Cycon Review

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The previous entry to our new Couch Gaming category was the Roccat Sova MK, which features a fixed 75% form factor keyboard and a wrist rest next to it on a pad with foam lap cushions. It is similar to other entries that either offer their own peripherals out of the box or only work with a few specific models. All of them also depend on the user for balance, which, however, also takes the height factor out as a variable. The subject of today's review comes from nerdytec; a small company created by two self-professed passionate PC gamers and nerds, Chris and Roman, it started out of a garage and now sells its more familiar COUCHMASTER products around the world. When you have a company that works on a single product type, you best be good at it to survive, and nerdytec has shown not only that it can hang on in the unforgiving market of PC peripherals, but also expand and release multiple product tiers. We put nerdytec's solution for wired gaming peripherals in the living room to the test, and thanks again to nerdytec for providing a review sample.

The COUCHMASTER is available in different options ranging from $99 to a whopping $399 limited edition. Their "cycon" version is being advertised for gamers, and nerdytec says it is optimized for wired input. As we see above in an example of it in use, the COUCHMASTER cycon includes not only the so-called lapboard design everyone else has adapted, but two side supports/cushions that are supposed to be on either side of your body and which can also hold accessories for further customization. We can also see what appear to be cable-management holes and slots on the top, and a mousepad as well. The freedom to use any keyboard and mouse of your liking (that fits the dimensions of the cycon, anyway) is what makes this more user friendly, and now, flip over to the next page for a more detailed look.
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