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NOIDpad Gaming Surface Review

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First of all I would like to thank Foxy at NOIDpad for setting me up with these original mats.

NOIDpad is a new company which produces some high quality hybrid mats. What sets NOIDpad apart from the competition is that they let you create your own design without any limitations to colors and so forth. The pads are aimed at providing the best glide and tracking experience for demanding users such as gamers and graphics designers.
Even though the company hasn't been around for long they have already been selected as the official pad supplier for CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) Italy, which is one of the biggest gaming events of the year.
The past few years I have worked for one of the bigger mouse pad brands in gaming. During this period I have, both as a sponsor and as a gamer, met and talked with hundreds - if not thousands of other gamers about mouse pads. I have listened, tried, compared and learned.

Based on this experience I have now started to manufacture my own mouse pads. They are not like the competition - they are better. I know that there is not one pad that is best for all but if you like hybrid pads like I do and if you like a really good glide then I can tell you that there is no hybrid pad that glides better than the NOIDpad, guaranteed!

If you also value the possibility to design your own mouse pad the choice is easy. You simply cannot get a better mouse pad than the NOIDpad anywhere with your design on.
Try us.

Gustaf 'Foxy' Hertsius
In this review I will be taking a look at two mats: one with my custom design and one ryK designed standard NOIDpad. They are both 3.5mm trhick, 400mm long and 280mm wide.

The Package

NOIDpad ships their pads in reinforced cardboard cylinders. This type of packaging is very durable compared to the rather flimsy plastic cylinders that other manufactures, such as QPAD, ship mats in.

The package itself looks nice and quite stylish. On the front of the package there is the NOID logo. The back is covered with some of the NOID statements and a small overview of the technology.

Because the packaging is well thought out transportation is easy and safe, when going from or to a LAN-event.
The packaging seems really durable and it's safe to say that no harm will come to the mat during transportation from NOIDpad to you.

NOIDpads also come with 20cm of Teflon. It's the "old" kind which is reinforced with fibers on the back. The Teflon performs quite well and is easy to apply because it's thin and the adhesive is strong and sticky.
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