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OCZ FATAL1TY Series 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank OCZ for supplying the review sample.

Recently a new addition was made to OCZ's Fatal1ty Gamer series. The new flagship was co-developed with twelve-time world champion Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel with just one purpose in mind, to meet the specific needs of all gamers. But what do gamers need? In our opinion they need good performance, high reliability, excellent looks and most of all a nice, low price. We think that the new Fatal1ty 1000W or FTY1000W easily covers the first three requirements but unfortunately it isn't that affordable, at least to every gamer out there.

Another highly interesting feature of this PSU is that all of its cables are individually sleeved (or braided), something that up to now wasn't an option for any retail PSU and was only possible through special custom made cables. Lately Corsair and NZXT started to sell kits of indy-sleeved cables at not so affordable prices though. Of course not anyone is able or has the patience to individually sleeve the cables of his PSU so it is nice to see this feature available in the new Fatal1ty unit and maybe some other companies will follow the same tactic, despite the impact this will have on total cost. Nevertheless, for most modders, ready indy-sleeved cables will be a dream come true since they will save them from lots of trouble and work. Personally we think that these cables add unnecessary bulkiness compared to normal sleeved ones but we will discuss this later on in the review.

Briefly, the FTY1000W features Gold efficiency, has a single +12V rail, is backed by a five year warranty that ensures the future buyer's peace of mind and besides the indy-sleeved cables its LED lighted fan completes a modder's needs. Also the exclusive use of Japanese caps, which tend to last longer than Chinese ones promises high reliability and longer lifespan.

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