Portable Encrypted Storage for the USB Interface 11

Portable Encrypted Storage for the USB Interface

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This is a touch out of the usual coverage I do here on TechPowerUp, but somehow things worked in a specific manner that led to this article you are now reading. For one, there were multiple inquiries from companies about security products in the portable storage realm, but all were outside of the storage reviews we do, which happen to be internal SSDs in particular. Secondly, I have been traveling internationally a lot for various reasons lately, carrying with me sensitive information in the form of digital files that would have benefited from encryption.

There clearly was not enough to dedicate an article to every single product, especially given one option only becomes an external storage device via the use of an accessory from yet another company, so here we are with an overview that will hopefully benefit others who find themselves in a similar situation as yours truly.

The image above showcases the primary products of interest covered in this article, including three USB drives, an M.2 SSD, and a portable disk drive. Three of the products came from Kingston, which no doubt is a brand our readers will be familiar with, and the other two are from Securedata, a relatively new company started in 2007 with a focus on all things secure and data. Their Securedrive business unit in particular is responsible for the two devices here, although they also cater to data recovery, forensics, and back up alike.

Thanks to the two companies for making this overview a possibility, and thanks also to Silverstone for providing an M.2 to USB adapter that will come into play as well.
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