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I would like to thank PCZOS.de for providing the review sample.

PCZOS is the German distributor for various mouse pads and gamer gear. There are three different brands being sold through respective websites, run by PCZOS: GlideTapes, Nuke-Z and Rantopad
The website is pretty simple, only offering links to the three brands on their own websites. While the GlideTapes and Nuke-Z websites list PCZOS under contact information, the Rantopad does list a different address.

About Rantopad
Rantopad has various distributors around the world. The Website www.Rantopad.com uses Chinese as default language, while English can be selected. They offer a wide range of mouse pads under the Rantopad brand name. There is no further information about the company on the website, nonetheless the line-up of different mouse pads is quite impressive. The website seems to exist since 2003 as that year is mentioned at the bottom of the website.

The Rantopad Mammoth has the following features & specifications:
  • large surface area: 31.8 cm x 27 cm
  • thin height: 1.5 mm
  • tested by professional gamers
  • big speed surface with a new type of surface for ultra-precise movement
  • new type of anti-skid surface for secure placement
  • very thin and extremely durable
  • perfect for LAN parties
  • supports mice with 8000 dpi and higher
  • ideal for "low and mid sense " gamers due to large size

Closer Examination

The Rantopad Mammoth is packed in a very thin and simple card board packaging. The front has a cutout, so that potential buyers can get a feel for the mouse pad's texture. The back does not list anything else besides the company address and contact information and a UPC code.

The pad itself has a square form. and does not feel very smooth. For comparison, it feels like some rough sand paper. We will take a closer look at performance at a later point. The back of the pad is quite interesting. Instead of sticking four or more rubber pads on the back, to keep it secure on the table, the entire back was sprayed with plastic. This hardened material makes for some very good anti-skid properties.

The bottom right corner features a very nice clear Rantopad logo and mouse pad name - Mammoth.
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