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Redragon K530 Draconic Keyboard Review

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Redragon had kicked off a massive chain of 60% keyboard reviews on TPU recently, beginning with the K530 Draconic late last year. It was a 60% keyboard that was followed by an even smaller unit in the form of the K585 Diti gamepad, which unfortunately did not fare as well. Redragon had sent along another keyboard with the K585. As such, we now get to see if it is redemption time for the company with the K595 Vishnu. Thanks again to Redragon for sending along a review sample to TechPowerUp!

Brands have used various naming schemes for keyboards, with some going with "Kxx" and others opting for more exotic names in other languages. Some, such as Gamdias, choose to go with Greek gods instead. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before Hindu gods entered the picture, although a Chinese brand doing it is still hilarious to me. The K596 Vishnu, which I will just refer to as the Redragon K596 henceforth, is an interesting take on the TKL form factor. Sure, it misses out on the numpad and takes up less desk space compared to the average full-size keyboard, but Redragon added macro keys on the left and top, which take up more room and are usually things we see on larger full-size units. Let's see how this works out in practice as we begin this review with a look at the product specifications below.


Redragon K596 Vishnu Wireless Keyboard
Layout:TKL form factor in a US ANSI layout
Material:ABS plastic case, PBT plastic keycaps, and steel plate
Macro Support:Yes
Weight:1.26 kg / 2.78 lbs.
Wrist Rest:Yes, detachable
Anti-ghosting:Full N-Key rollover USB and 2.4 GHz
Media Keys:Dedicated volume and media playback controls
Dimensions (including wrist rest):218 (L) x 386 (W) x 42 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft / 1.8 m
Switch Type:Outemu Red RGB mechanical switches
Backlighting:Yes, 16.8 M per-key RGB lighting
Interface:USB or 2.4 GHz wireless
Warranty:One year
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