Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G 650 W Review 7

Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G 650 W Review

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We would like to thank Silverstone for supplying the review sample.

We tested the Silverstone ST60F-PS belonging to the Strider Plus series a while ago, but the time has come for a member of the higher Strider Gold series to be tortured by our Chroma loads. The aforementioned series, as its name implies, only lists 80 Plus Gold certified members with capacities ranging from 550 W to 1000 W. Only 100 W seperate the two smaller units, but the gap between the middle- and flagship model of the series is quite large. However, the Strider Gold Evolution series in Silverstone’s portfolio contains Gold-certified PSUs with capacities to bridge this gap.

In this review, we will take a good look at the Silverstone Strider Gold ST65F-G. The strongest advantage of this PSU is, without a doubt, its small footprint, since it is only 14 cm long—rendering this unit compatible with almost any ATX chassis available on the market. The 650 W of power that this PSU can deliver and the four PCIe connectors that can feed up to two strong VGAs also make it ideal for a small gaming PC. Since such small but powerful systems are highly preferred by a significant portion of users, many companies try to shrink the dimensions of their PSU products by as much as possible in order to offer high output power in a small form factor. Considering Silverstone is a highly respected chassis maker, it comes as no surprise to us that their portfolio includes many PSUs with a length of only 14 cm. Another key feature of most Strider units is the fully modular cabling design, which makes the installation process a breeze. The ST65F-G does of course include this feature and can also take the optional PP06 cabling kits that consist of high-quality cables with individual sleeving.

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