SteelPad QcK+ Gaming mousepad Review 2

SteelPad QcK+ Gaming mousepad Review

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Special thanks go to SteelPad for providing a review sample

Right from the beginning, the SteelPad QcK+ has been a popular choice with gamers, with a reputation for high quality gaming surfaces. When US Counter-Strike team, 'Team3D' won WorldCyberGames 2004 in San Fransisco, all the players were using the SteelPad QcK+. This was before the pad was publicly released. The pad was again the favored choice, by the members of the US Counter-Strike team 'compLexity' who won the Electronic Sports World Cup, 2005, in Paris. 4 out of the 5 players were using the QcK+.

The Specs

  • XXL sized cloth mouse pad
  • Ideal for low sensitivity mouse settings
  • Compatible with all mice
  • Specially designed non-slip rubber base
  • 450mm x 400mm x 2mm

First impressions

SteelPad have not wasted any money by going over the top with the packaging. The pad comes in a Long Prism Box, with a simple design, specifications printed on the front and a short introduction on the side. Strangely, the pad inside is rolled along the long edge, I expect SteelPad could have reduced the size of the box by rolling along the shorter edge. This doesn't make any difference anyway.

This is Colossal! No doubt the biggest mouse mat I've ever seen! There certainly won't be any problems with running out of space on the pad... but finding space for the pad in the first place might be a problem! The large size is a great ideal for gaming and graphic design. The superb quality of the textiles used ensures perfect precision in all uses, even when using very high resolution optical mice 1600 DPI or higher.

I was worried when I had a look at the packaging, and got the pad out of the box for the first time. Since the pad was quite tightly rolled, I had been expecting it not to lie flat. But because the pad is only 2mm thick, having a fabric surface and a soft rubber base, the pad does not hold the position it was stored in, and lies perfectly flat on the desk after being unrolled. This makes it ideal for taking along to LAN parties, since it can be thrown in a bag without having to worry about it getting crumpled up, and not lying flat when you get home.

The simple design that SteelPad used is great. Just a large black pad with a small, tidy logo in the corner, with no crazy graphics all over it, making the pad look very professional. The logo itself is made of simple geometric shapes, with "QcK+ Steel" written in an attractive font. The logo doesn't interfere with the mouse thankfully, and doesn't chip off during use, or with general wear and tear.

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