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Tesoro Technology, based in New Taipei, is one of the rare few entrants into the highly competitive and nearly saturated gaming peripherals industry that isn't a subsidiary of a larger and more diverse computer hardware brand. The company found its spot on the map with the smash-hit Tesoro Durandal mechanical keyboard, which won critical acclaim and market success for its design, build-quality, ergonomics, and performance under pressure.

Tesoro was in no mood to become a one-hit wonder and worked on a large selection of keyboards, mice, headsets, and mousepads. The company is known for naming its products after mythological weapons from cultures around the world. Behind these names are products that look unique and back their form with function.

We prepared a short questionnaire for Tesoro on its current lineup and its various immediate plans. We spoke with Lucas Wiltse, Global Marketing Director at Tesoro Technology.

Hello Lucas, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Lucas Wiltse and I am the Global Marketing Director at Tesoro Technology. I work at the headquarters in Taiwan and handle global marketing plans, product marketing, and strategic partnerships. I collaborate with all departments, including sales and product management. I grew up in small town Minnesota and studied at Minnesota State University before moving to Taiwan where I completed my MBA and began working in the IT industry.

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