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XTracPads Ripper XXL Review

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Review XTracPads Ripper XXL

First of all thanks to Christopher of XTracPads for supplying the mat for this review.


XTracPads is known to produce some of the absolute best performing cloth mats on the market and they have specialized accessories to suit even the most demanding gamer.
Over the last year they have produced a variety of different mats, right from the Micro hard plastic mat up to this new Ripper XXL measuring in at an astounding 914mm width, 457mm height. The Ripper XXL is the newest addition to XTracPad's lineup of gaming grade cloth pads. XTracPads is also known to produce high-performance cloth mats at a very low price.

The Package

If you order your Ripper XXL on the net it will be delivered to you in a safe way, the package is big with foam inlays to protect the mat. I got mine sent from the USA to Denmark and I was glad to see that it was intact.

One of the things that’s really nice with this mat is the extras. XTracPads have been so kind to bundle this massive mat with two pieces of high quality Teflon (enough for two applications on a Logitech G5/7 mouse). Besides that they added an alcohol cleaning cloth to make the included Teflon stick really nice to the mouse feet. There is also a big sticker with the XTrac logo. I was really impressed with the extras and especially the quality of the Teflon, and that XTracPads put so much care in making it easy for the buyer. The bundle insures that you have all the stuff needed to get a good experience with the mat.

On the left the package in which it came. On the right we have the bundled accessories which are supplied with the mat.
The retail price for this monster mat will be $35 including Teflon($10) and case badge ($1.5). It will be available from most hardware retailers within 3-4 weeks time.

I've applied the Teflon to my G5 mouse, and only used half of what comes with the mat. On the right you can see how huge this mat is.
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