Monday, August 31st 2009

Gigabyte P55M-UD2 Pictured

Gigabyte's recently detailed lineup of socket LGA-1156 processors includes the now-pictured P55M-UD2 entry-level motherboard based on the micro-ATX form factor. This model confirms that there will be motherboards based on the Intel P55 chipset, that are priced under US $100. Utilizing the Ultra Durable 3 construction, Gigabyte ensures low-price doesn't make way for low-quality. The socket LGA-1156 processor is powered by a 6+1 phase VRM. It is wired to four DDR3 DIMM slots for dual-channel memory. Expansion slots include one PCI-E 2.0 x16, one PCI-E x16 (electrical x4), and two PCI slots along the way.

Unlike its UD4 cousin, this board doesn't split the PCI-E x16 slot to two electrical x8 slots, and it doesn't support NVIDIA SLI technology either. ATI CrossFireX isn't left out. Of the six SATA 3 Gb/s ports the P55 PCH provides, five are internal, and one assigned as eSATA. An additional Gigabyte G-SATA controller provides two internal SATA 3 Gb/s ports and an IDE connector for two devices. Connectivity options include 10 external and four internal USB 2.0 ports, two Firewire 400 ports, eSATA, PS/2 mouse-keyboard combo connector, and 8-channel audio with optical and coaxial SPDIF output connectors. The P55M-UD2 has begun getting listings on etailers for US $99.45.

Source: INPAI
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shouldnt be too bad, for single GPU users. The 4x slot can be used for a PCI-E sound card.
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Eleet Hardware Junkie
check out the

gigabyte p55m-ud4.

its a MATX p55 with dual 8x and lots of features like the high end boards.
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A Cheese Danish
Looks pretty good. Although, looks like there may be a problem with the RAM and top video slot. Or maybe I'm just overlooking something :confused:
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A Cheese Danish said:
Looks pretty good. Although, looks like there may be a problem with the RAM and top video slot. Or maybe I'm just overlooking something :confused:
not really. i've had tons of boards like that, and never an issue with ram going in or out with a video card in place.

Trick is to push that side open and rely on the memory to close the slot, while you use your finger to close the other side - reverse for removing it (undo one side, and slide it out sideways)
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from the angle it looks extremely close, I know manufacturers used to get away with a ****poor gap on older style boards, but I would expect a little better from these more modern boards.

One thing about this entry P55 mobo that I do like is actually how it has bugger all heatsink.
I like that in the sense that it gives the owner the flexability of chucking copious amounts of their own preferred sinks on if they want after the warranty period is over.
But yeah, the cheap models have never been my style, If i was to go Core i5 or the 1156 i7 or whatever, I would be getting the second best motherboard model available, (cos who needs all those extra power phases anyway).
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I did not know where to post it, so I put here since is related to GIGABYTE P55. I just came back (it's 23:25) from an event held at GIGABYTE HQ in my country. It was a closed event, the idea was to present the new P55 series and after that to let some OC maniacs to play with the platforms. The OC guys were selected from 3 important IT forums in my country after some pre-selections. As far as it goes, they will be still there in the morning :laugh:

Something about the event: it started with the presentation of the P55 series (I arrived almost at the finish). After that everyone started to choose the platforms (some lucky draw for the platforms) and then started to install them and after that the OS'es. At some time they had a break and took the HQ tour including some demo in the RMA area (some BGA chipset change a.s.o.). After that, back to OC.

They asked us not to take pictures and videos since the P55 is still under NDA. The only ones allowed were the national TV guys and the photographer. But after the OC battle begun, nobody saw me taking pics with my phone :nutkick: I am really sorry about the quality, this is the max my phone can do... Coming back at the OC playground, I want to respect the NDA so I will not say that before I left the room they had a i7 870 @ 4.92 under LN2 ;) Since I am not an OC guy, I don't know if it's ok or not, but I think in the morning the results will be even better.

Disclaimer: I do not work for GIGABYTE (for more than 1 year now), I have my own business in the car business, I was invited "for old times' sake".

Enough talking, the pics below (there are more pics so I made a gallery):

I attached some samples.
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