Thursday, September 3rd 2009

Intel Core i5 750 Processor to Launch on Sep. 8

PC vendors and component retailer can't wait to start selling Intel's newest performance/upper-mainstream Core i5 / Core i7 "Lynnfield" processors, and products based on the processor. This despite recent measures by Intel to curb pre-release sales of the processor, particularly in the Asian markets. A British etailer had earlier listed all three upcoming processor, with the Core i5 750 priced at ₤133.73 (excl. VAT). Now Novatech, a PC vendor started running a countdown on the product page of its Elite series gaming PC show how long it is before one can purchase its Elite Pro PC-1339 gaming desktop powered by a "New Future Intel Core I5 Processor" earlier clearly listed as Core i5 750. Showing a little over four days left to go, we can deduce that it will be around on the 8th. This confirms that consumers will be able to buy Core i5 750 and compatible motherboards on the said date. Core i5 750 is the most affordable of the three upcoming processors, and is one of the first on Intel's socket LGA-1156 platform. Intel P55 is its first supportive platform core-logic. Based on the 45 nm Lynnfield die, this monolithic quad-core processor brings about several changes to the way several components on the motherboard are located.

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7 Comments on Intel Core i5 750 Processor to Launch on Sep. 8

Companies are ancy! The moment it becomes purchasable on NewEgg I will have one ordered. Too bad I didn't get one when Fry's goofed up.
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its allready onsale here in Aus, and the online store has had them up since Monday
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The Knife in your Back
Very nice, I am very eager for this to come out and drop the PII 965 price, but whats that price in US dollars?

johnnyfiive said:
Dang it. Hurry up NewEgg!
You building a second rig or replacing the 920? I thought the 920 was still going to be better because HT, but I could be wrong.
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Whats with the Geforce 9800gt SLI and GTX275 underneath it :confused: muppets lol
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Purchasable here too, in a combo with Gigabyte motherboard.

InTeL-iNsIdE said:
Whats with the Geforce 9800gt SLI and GTX275 underneath it :confused: muppets lol
9800 GT SLI or GTX 275. You choose.
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It'll be on sale tomorrow (saturday) at micro center. Come get one. the ones i saw were also b chips. Only problem: Hyper TX3 is the only 1156 ready heatsink they carry. big lol. You should see the tiny thing the i5's come with stock.
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