Monday, September 7th 2009

Scythe Announces Broad Support for LGA-1156

A new mainstream platform from Intel with socket LGA1156 will be released soon, and it has been already featured in medias which increases the demand for compatible CPU Coolers. Scythe did some preliminary work and most of its on-market CPU Coolers are compatible not only to the socket LGA1366 but upcoming LGA1156 as well. This was realized by developing a flexible mounting clip (patent pending) which allows mounting the CPU Cooler on socket LGA775, LGA1366 and LGA1156 by using just one clip. Users have just to slide the Push-Pins to the corresponding hole depending on socket and then just attach the CPU Cooler.

Consequently, users can therefore choose among Zipang 2, Kabuto, Kama Angle Rev. B, Ninja 2 Rev. B, Ninja Mini Rev. B, Katana 3, BIG Shuriken, and Shuriken Rev. B CPU Cooler already available in the worldwide market. Mugen 2 CPU Cooler is schedule to be compatible to socket LGA1156 but will be as “Revision B” version with completely re-worked mounting clips by middle of November 2009.
Owners of former revisions of Scythe CPU Coolers have the possibility to upgrade their coolers by using the 1366/1156 Mounting Clips when switching to the new socket LGA1156. 1366/1156 Mounting Clips are available since the beginning of 2009 and can be obtained in local or online shops. Please refer to the below list for compatible Scythe CPU Coolers and details on possibilities to upgrade former revisions.

Already LGA 1156 compatible Scythe CPU Coolers:
  • Zipang 2
  • Kabuto
  • Kama Angle Rev. B
  • Ninja 2 Rev. B
  • Ninja Mini Rev. B
  • Katana 3
  • BIG Shuriken
  • Shuriken Rev. B
Coolers that gain LGA 1156 support using 1156 Mounting Clips for VTMS:
  • Shuriken (SCSK-1000)
  • Andy Samurai Master (SCASM-1000)
  • Samurai Z Rev. B (SCSMZ-1100)
  • Mine Rev. B (SCMN-1100)
  • Mugen (SCINF-1000)
Coolers that gain LGA 1156 support using 1156 Mounting Clips:
  • Ninja 2 (SCNJ-2000)
  • Kama Angle (SCANG-1000)
  • Zipang (SCZP-1000)
  • Ninja Mini (SCMNJ-1000)
  • Kama Cross (SCKC-1000)
  • Katana 2 (SCKTN-2000)
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I hope more and more companies are going to do this.
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~Technological Technocrat~
More annoying 'push-pin' win of epic proportions
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