Tuesday, September 8th 2009

GlacialTech Launches F101 CPU Cooler

GlacialTech today launched its mid-range F101 CPU cooler. Unveiled back at Computex, the F101 extends support for all new sockets, while not leaving out any current ones. Its design makes use of two dissimilar-sized aluminum fin blocks that just about cover a 120 mm fan. Heat is conveyed to these using five heatpipes. The cooler measures 143 x 86 x 148 mm (L x W x H), and weighs 750 g (~1.66 lbs). It comes in two variants - F101 Silent and F101 PWM - depending on the kind of fan bundled. The former packs a 1100 ±200 rpm fan that pushes about 40 CFM of air with a noise output of 21 dBA, while the latter packs a more powerful 800~1700 rpm PWM-controlled fan, that depending on its speed, can push up to 70 CFM of air being as loud as 32 dBA. Both carry a tube of IceTherm thermal compound. As mentioned before, it supports all current CPU sockets including LGA-1366, LGA-1156, LGA-775, AM3, and AM2(+). Pricing is not known, though expect fairly acceptable prices.

Source: Expreview
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9 Comments on GlacialTech Launches F101 CPU Cooler

GlacialTech, the guys with the UFO cooler... well this thing doesn't look that powerful to me either.
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I might just bet it would perform better that UFO.. based on some official images for what is look very much like the final version (see here) and also, it is possible to use two 120mm fans for better airflow.
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Highway toooo the uglyzoneeeeeeeeeeee.
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Bird of Prey
Similar to the Noctuah 12HF
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It looks old, industrial, Russian like.

I like it :)
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@twilyth: From what I know there had been some "moves" regarding using the so call "diamond dust" or synthetic diamonds.. thermal compounds, i guess if its not expensive to produce it may be a little bit tricky to modify product lines etc.
And lets face it, if someone will put that bling text like Diamond CPU Cooler marketing departments will love to exploit that and we will get some unrealistic prices.
Maybe they will use it in microchips, cpu, etc.. who knows but only if they reach the bottom line with current technology. Wind of change is not alway very appealing for certain peoples. :D

@WarEagleAU - you almost got it :)

@ZoneDymo - classic design with a twist right? :roll:
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will dis thing cool ma cpus? If it do i will buy it.
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what a "out of the box" design...
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