Tuesday, September 15th 2009

AMD Unveils New AMD Business Class Technology for Desktops

AMD today announced new AMD Business Class technology for desktop PCs designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), large enterprises and the public sector. The new 2009 AMD Business Class Desktop Platform, offered as part of AMD Business Class technology, delivers the benefits of the latest AMD CPUs, chipsets and graphics hardware to business users. AMD Business Class technology, including platforms configured with AMD Phenom II and AMD Athlon II 45nm processors, AMD 7-Series chipsets and ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics processors, offers superior value, advanced visual productivity, and support for essential manageability, security and virtualization features.

“Businesses require stable, reliable and powerful PCs that can meet their growing and evolving needs,” said Chris Cloran, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of AMD’s Client Products. “AMD Business Class technology for desktop PCs provides our OEM customers with superior value and flexibility, enabling them to deliver advanced system security features and energy efficiency for quiet computing that businesses need.”

“HP is committed to helping our customers find the right PCs for their businesses by offering a range of secure, stable and energy-efficient solutions,” said Alan Reed, vice president and general manager, Desktop PCs, HP. “Starting with today’s newly announced HP Compaq 6005 Pro Business PC, based on AMD Business Class technology, we’re confident that our collaboration with AMD will help us meet the value and performance demands of businesses around the world.”
  • AMD Business Class technology is designed to help manage image changes by offering up to a 24-month planned life-cycle on select CPUs from initial availability, incorporating AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology, and supporting industry standards like Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) 1.1 for out-of-band manageability and TPM 1.2 for security.
  • AMD Business Class technology is available today on the HP Compaq 6005 Pro Business PC.
  • With today’s refresh, AMD Business Class technology now offers AMD DAS 1.0 capabilities in configurations for desktop PCs. AMD DAS is a suite of technologies that enable virtualization and standards-based essential manageability and security with features that don’t lock commercial customers into a single, proprietary technology.
  • AMD Business Class technology helps drive business productivity with support for Windows Vista or Windows 7 by making it easier to manage multiple monitors, run legacy software in virtual XP Mode and take advantage of new graphic enhancements.
  • AMD Business Class technology delivers energy efficient features designed to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, minimize processor power consumption, and help save money on energy costs. The new desktop platform features Cool‘n’Quiet 2.0 technology to help enable reduced system noise and long PC life.
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7 Comments on AMD Unveils New AMD Business Class Technology for Desktops

So its a low power proc with Virtualisation?
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[I.R.A]_FBi said:
So its a low power proc with Virtualisation?
As far as I know all AMD procs have Virtualization :toast:
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blablabla damn it AMD, bring out a Phenom 3 X6 (6 core processor) so I can upgrade >:
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Is it just me, or has it been from about mid-2009 AMD/ATI has been having more news than Intel + nVidia. They're really fighting hard, huh?:p
I guess the Intel & nVidia release a single item that obliterates AMD/ATI, then it's left to them to do damage control. The intensity should reach fever pitch when Intel joins the GFX group with the Larabee & nVidia joins the CPU boys with the supposed processor they're working on.:roll:
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From a quick glance, it reminds me of Centrino. A set of platform guidelines, not a specific technology/cpu/device, if that helps anyone understand what AMD is getting at.
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