Wednesday, September 23rd 2009

Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X Spotted

Less than 24 hours after its launch, one of the first custom design accelerators based on the Radeon HD 5870 have began to surface, one of the first ones made by Sapphire. Whether or not this is a complete custom design (includes custom designed PCB and coolers), Sapphire is ready with at least its Vapor-X cooler designed for the new GPU. This picture found on Xtreme Systems forums shows the cooler fitted on the AMD reference PCB. However, a newly announced contest conducted by shows a CGI drawing of the accelerator in its promotional graphic, which shows the PCB to be slightly shorter, and blue in colour. One can also see from the drawing that the PCI-E power connectors are located at the same spot where they were located on most Radeon HD 4890 accelerators. Hopefully cheaper, or at least factory-overclocked accelerators aren't far away.

Sources: Xtreme Systems Forums,
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Case Mod Guru
thats just too simplistic. Tzi sent me 2 of the Toxic coolers and I compared them to the Vapor X ones and it wasent close. The Vapor X coolers were MUCH better.(at least 6C cooler and much quieter)
Take a look at Newegg and you will notice many more of the Vapor X coolers(so at least Sapphire figured it out too)

They flattened the tubes for clearance/cost reasons. The better way would have been to make the tubes a press fit into a hole(the most surface contact) but because of the use of steel for the heatsink the poor card would have weighed 10lbs, lol

While cooling tubes "Look" cool they seem to be a marketing gimmic (look at all the silly heat tube mobo chipset coolers. The one on my Bloodrage GTI was just horrible but it looked cool.

The Accelero S1's (a much better design) I have are not pressed flat, weigh a fraction of the Toxic coolers, and cool much better (too bad hey stick up so high though)
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Wonder how high factory clocks could be?
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I just hope that for once, Sapphire, decide to offer an HD 5870 with a waterblock pre-fitted.... would save a lot of time.
With the toxic cooler my 4870 would idle at about 48C (30% rpm), with an accelero turbo it would idle at about 42c and now, on water, it idles at 34C (Load at 42C).....

Put a waterblock on my card!:D
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Easo said:
Wonder how high factory clocks could be?
not high i think it will be like this
2GB memory size , 900 or less GPU , 1300 or less memory
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Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
a backplate would really look good on it though.
I have to agree.... a backplate would look fantastic! with a big red Vapor - X on the (prefferably) black backplate!:cool:
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Sweet, a contest where I don't have to make 5 forum posts.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
i put my bid in for the card. we will see!
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Divide Overflow
I'm really impressed with my Vapor-X HD4870. As soon as these are out I'll be placing an order for my upgrade.

I hate the delay for the release of custom cooling solutions. With as much time as they have in advance to ready customized products for market you'd think they could offer them sooner. Does AMD/ATI force a stock solution only period?
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With all of these 58xx reviews. Has anyone tested how well it Folds?

Should be a beast :D
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They really need to get the PCI-E plugs on the sides of the card, I just don't see why they love to put them at the end and ruins peoples day when installing the card.
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Hi, im new in this forum :)

i want to upgrade my video card for this, the sapphire HD5870 :D

i want to know if this card have the drivers to be support by windows xp 64bits.

i search the driver in the sapphire web site and in the ati web site, and i can't find it :S

Sorry for my english, but im from venezuela :D this is a translate :D hahahah

Well i want to know if someone have the instalation cd of this card and can tell me if inside the cd is the driver for windows Xp 64bits.

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