Tuesday, September 29th 2009

Dell Intros Latitude Z Business Notebook

PC major Dell rolled out its newest business-oriented Latitude Z notebook. The Latitude Z has an ultra-thin chassis, which packs all the mobility and features a businessman would need. This 16-inch notebook can charge wirelessly. The 16-inch display offers a native screen resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. It has a backlit-illuminated keyboard, a touchpad that is gesture-enabled, an EdgeTouch sensor at the right of display, and a sub-system powered by an ARM processor to drive the Latitude on Linux feature. The main system is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to run the main Windows environment.

The fixed webcam that heads the screen can auto-focus, and can even 'scan' documents, according to Dell. The notebook weighs 4.5 lbs (around 2 kg), and is priced at $1999. For another $200 to this cost, you get the wireless charging induction stand that lets you use the feature. "We're seeing thin and light spread throughout our portfolio," said Todd Forsythe, vice president in Dell's commercial client product group. It looks like thin is in, for Dell.
Sources: International Business Times, TechConnect Magazine
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Looks pretty slick. I wish I had this option when I bought my first college laptop :(
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Jun 26th, 2022 10:36 EDT change timezone

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