Thursday, October 22nd 2009

Microsoft Simplifies the PC With Windows 7

Today Microsoft Corp. announced the worldwide availability of its new Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 delivers on a simple premise: make it easier for people to do the things they want on a PC. The new operating system offers a streamlined user interface and significant new features that make everyday tasks easier and allow people to get the most out of computers of all styles and sizes.

“With Windows 7, there’s never been a better time to be a PC,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “Together with our partners, we’re bringing more choice, flexibility and value to the market than ever before. With Windows 7, you’re sure to find a PC that fits your life.”
Building Windows 7 has been a collaborative process from the beginning, with Microsoft’s engineers and designers working with customers and partners to build an operating system that delivers on the vision of the PC, simplified. In a speech in New York, Ballmer thanked the millions of volunteers who helped improve the product by testing early versions.

“A project with the global customer reach of Windows can only be done as a team,” said Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft, speaking at a launch event in Tokyo. “We are grateful for the valuable contributions from customers, partners and developers around the world that helped make Windows 7 such a collaborative project.”

On Sale Worldwide Today
The global availability of Windows 7 is joined by an unprecedented array of new PCs and software programs. With more PC options available for customers today at a wide range of price points starting under $300, customers can choose the PC that fits their personality, style and needs, from netbooks, ultrathin notebooks and highly interactive multitouch laptops to all-in-one desktops and high-end, water-cooled gaming machines.

A newly launched section of called PC Scout will guide users through selecting and purchasing the right PC. Customers can purchase PCs with Windows 7 or software upgrades online or in-store from technology retailers or at the new Microsoft Store, launching today in its first retail location in Scottsdale, Ariz., and expanded online. Retailers and technology partners are also featuring a series of limited-time offers for customers looking for great deals on Windows 7-based PCs, devices and software. Information on these offers can be found at

To show how Windows 7 simplifies the PC, today Microsoft is launching the next wave of its global “I’m a PC” campaign. The global enthusiasm of Windows users is also contributing to the way many people around the world will experience Windows 7 for the first time. Tens of thousands of customers have volunteered to host launch parties or meet-ups beginning today, showing off Windows 7 to friends and family members.

Simplifying the PC
Over the past 18 months, feedback from more than a billion opt-in customer sessions and 8 million beta testers validated Microsoft’s research on how to simplify everyday tasks. Here are a few of the many ways users will experience a more simplified PC with Windows 7:

Simplifies Everyday Tasks
  • Taskbar. The go-to spot for launching programs and switching windows, the taskbar has been completely redesigned to help users work smarter, cut clutter, and get more done, with features such as thumbnail previews of Web pages, documents — even running video.
  • HomeGroup. Users can easily share their files and printers with other PCs running Windows 7 in their home.
  • Windows 7 Device Stage. This shows the status of all connected devices such as cameras and mobile phones, and makes it easier to synchronize and manage them.
  • Photos and videos. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker (available via download) offer customers great, free options to edit photos and videos and easily share them with loved ones.
  • Snap. Users can drag an open window to the screen’s border to automatically re-size it. Snap two different windows to the left and right borders for a perfect comparison.
  • Shake. Users can click on a window pane and shake the mouse to minimize all other open windows, then shake the pane again to restore the windows to their original sizes.
  • Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft’s fastest, easiest and safest browser ever offers smart new features such as Instant Search, Accelerators and Web Slices to help users get more out of the Web.
Works the Way Users Want
  • Faster on, faster off. Every Windows 7 user will benefit from the focus on underlying performance, faster startup, resuming and shut down time, and enhanced power management.
  • Mobile made easier. All of a user’s mobile computing settings are in one place with the Windows Mobility Center.
  • Protecting the PC. Safeguarding the data on a PC is easier with advanced backup capabilities and the free Microsoft Security Essentials download to help protect users against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.
Makes New Things Possible
  • Windows Touch. Users can interact with the PC with a touch-screen monitor, using their fingers and multitouch gestures.
  • PlayTo. Users can stream their digital music, videos and photos to other PCs or devices such as an Xbox 360 console connected to the TV.
  • Internet TV. New content providers and an improved interface make it even easier to watch TV on the PC.
  • Rich gaming and graphics. Windows 7 includes performance enhancements that take power gaming and entertainment to a new level, with 64-bit support and DirectX 11 graphics.
  • Location-aware printing. Documents are sent to the right printer whether it’s at home or at the office. And with Offline Files users can work offline and automatically synchronize between a PC and documents on their office network.
Partners Rally Around Windows 7
Along with increased customer involvement, Microsoft’s partners had a closer, more involved role in the product vision and planning process with Windows 7. The collaborative approach to engaging partners to inform development efforts has resulted in improved performance for PCs as well as compatibility with a broad range of software and hardware across the Windows ecosystem. More than 50,000 developers from 17,000 companies are enrolled in the Windows Ecosystem Readiness Program to build solutions for Windows 7. Together, these partners are developing hardware, software and services capable of reaching more than a billion PCs around the world.
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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :toast:

I'll go and get Risk!
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mechtech said:
Has anyone purchased it yet??

I was just wondering what the build number is on the final retail version??
Same as the RTM. 7600. RTM = release to manufacture. The same one you will see on those boxes, on branded computers, etc. Anything added on to it that was not included on the ones available from MSDN etc, can be downloaded from windows update.
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What Microsoft wants you to believe:

CyberDruid said:

The truth:

lemonadesoda said:
I've seen mixed data on WHICH VERSION is required for a dual socket system. Some show home premium. Others show Professional. Anyone got the final on this?
The fact that you need a "special version of Windows" just to run a dual-socket system is ridiculous. :laugh: What's so hard about running a dual-socket system that Microsoft feels the need to make you pay more for it?

Don't all free OS's run dual-socket systems just fine?

Oh, wait -- this is extortion, right? :shadedshu
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This thread is great.

"Wow, my PC can be simpler?"
"Let's buy some Doritos and have a DORK party!"
"Ok, I'll bring the drivers."
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i never tried win7 but im sure it rocks.
i have too much stuff on my current xp and im too lazy to back up and format :)

im building a new rig next month anyway.
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ok so it does have DX11 inside. , but is there also a virtual Win XP
or it comes alone as a program for win7 .????
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Bird of Prey
I have to admit it I love that my school, Kaplan University, has the IT department hooked up with the MSDNAA site. I got a free copy of Win 7 Pro x64 and I think it said I can install this on up to 5 computers, which is awesome. Sure beats my Win 7 Home Premium upgrade I got for 49.99 from Newegg back in July,.
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lemonadesoda said:
I've seen mixed data on WHICH VERSION is required for a dual socket system. Some show home premium. Others show Professional. Anyone got the final on this?
From what I found, it's Home Premium and up.

Windows 7 Product Editions: A Comparison

See chart #4, "Performance features".
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Static~Charge said:
From what I found, it's Home Premium and up.

Windows 7 Product Editions: A Comparison

See chart #4, "Performance features".
So, in about 3 years when we're needing 32GB of RAM (because DDR3 RAM will be cheap and plentiful by then), Windows 7 Home Premium will be useless. :P
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mdm-adph said:
So, in about 3 years when we're needing 32GB of RAM (because DDR3 RAM will be cheap and plentiful by then), Windows 7 Home Premium will be useless. :P
and thats why i got a pro and an ultimate :D (192GB sounds ok)
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