Monday, December 7th 2009

Club3D Intros Silent HD 5750

Adding to the expansive list of non-reference design Radeon HD 5750, is Club3D with its new silent HD 5750 model. The new accelerator carries a red PCB which seems to resemble the reference PCB, but for the color. The GPU is cooled by a large silent heatsink which consists of a GPU block from which four copper heatpipes arise, conveying heat to an aluminum fin array. The memory seems to be cooled by heatsinks, too. It retains the rear panel of the reference design, with two DVI-D and one each of HDMI and DisplayPort.

The rest of its specs are identical to others in its league: DirectX 11 support, 720 stream processors, 1 GB of memory across a 128-bit GDDR5 interface, ATI CrossFireX and Eyefinity support, it asks 140€ for staying quiet.

Source: NordicHardware
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4 Comments on Club3D Intros Silent HD 5750

Performance Enthusiast
I like it, these club3d guys know how to design a card, at least looks wise IMO.

This should be an excellent overclocker with a low speed fan pointed at it.
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Should have stuck with a black PCB. At least they left room for standard sized Crossfire bridges. Hopefully some stateside AIBs release passive 5750s, or even 5770s. :rockout:
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Accelero S1 strikes again :D Well at least it's only dual slot solution.
(And TUL Corp announces how great deal they have with local cooler manufacturer)
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