Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Club 3D Radeon R9 290 Pictured

Here's the first picture of an AIB-branded Radeon R9 290 (non-X) graphics card, the Club3D Radeon R9 290. The card sticks to AMD's reference board design, which like the Radeon R9 290X, could have exclusive market presence for a while, before AMD's add-in board (AIB) partners come up with their own board designs. This particular card features a factory-overclock, although we don't have the clock speeds at hand. The reference design clock speeds, which will be loaded into the card's failsafe secondary BIOS, will be 946 MHz core, and 5.00 GHz (GDDR5-effective) memory. Based on the 28 nm "Hawaii" silicon, the Radeon R9 290 features 2,560 stream processors, 160 TMUs, 64 ROPs, and a 512-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 4 GB of memory.

Source: VideoCardz
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it's 2 7870 in one, sounds real good!!
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Pixrazor said:
it's 2 7870 in one, sounds real good!!
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I'm the only one
Another one with a fancy circular sticker, wow they're going all out for these new cards.
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I mean in spec
7870: 32 rop 80 tmu
r9 290: 64 rop 160 tmu
do you see it now?
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Looks like Titan for $1000 has lost is sales base :cry:. Now with R9 290X, the first set of numbers look like Titan became Titette. :respect:R9 290X at $599 :nutkick:and gives you better performance or equal performance than $1000 counter part? Nvidia lose lose lose. :confused:

I see Nvidia dropping their price on GTX 780 and Titan to $600 - $700 range, to even compete with AMD's R9 :twitch:. Stock price of AMD will be rising. :rockout:

Hello HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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