Thursday, December 17th 2009

EVGA Introduces EVBot Overclocking Tool

The EVGA EVBot is a useful tool for tweakers and overclockers to maximize their system and have fun tweaking their EVGA products. With the ability to adjust on the fly voltages, clock frequencies and much more, the EVGA EVBot unleashes the full potential of your select EVGA motherboards or graphics cards! Optimistic Booster allows EVBot to take over and increase CPU frequency for a short amount of time. (ex. up 4MHz ever 4 seconds, down 3MHz every 3 seconds) This allows you to obtain the highest performance possible for a benchmark run. Simple and straight forward to use, and best of all, no drivers needed! Just plug and play.
  • On the fly voltage adjustment
  • On the fly clock frequency adjustment
  • No software required, no CPU overhead
  • Opt Booster max's out your CPU for extreme benchmarks
  • Supports select EVGA motherboards and graphics cards
  • Connect up to 4 individual EVGA products
Supported EVGA Products:
  • EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way Motherboard
  • EVGA X58 Classified Motherboard
  • EVGA P55 Classified Motherboard
  • EVGA P55 FTW 200 Motherboard
  • EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard
  • EVGA GTX 285 Classified Graphics Card
Motherboard Adjustments:
  • Voltages:
    o CPU VCore
    o CPU VTT
    o CPU PLL VCore
    o IOH PLL VCore
    o QPI PLL VCore
    o DIMM Voltage
    o IOH VCore
    o IOH/ICH I/O
    o ICH VCore
  • Clocks:
    o CPU Host Frequency
    o PCIE Frequency
    o CPU Clock Skew
    o CPU Amplitude
  • Hardware Monitor:
    o CPU Temp
    o VREG Temp
    o CPU VCore
    o CPU Frequency
  • Opt Booster - 10 Levels
Graphics Adjustments:
  • Voltages:
    o VCore
    o VPLL
    o VDD
    o VDDQ
Latest EVBot Firmware:
  • For EVGA X58 Motherboards: P02
  • For EVGA P55 Motherboards: P02
  • For EVGA GTX 285 Classified: None needed this time
Pricing and availability: Available now, priced at US $99, offer price on EVGA store: $79.
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17 Comments on EVGA Introduces EVBot Overclocking Tool

Did I read that right?

This magical tool will let you OC from 3.000GHz to 3.004Ghz, then automatically take you down to 3.001Ghz, then up to 3.005Ghz, then 3.002Ghz, then 3.006GHz, then 3.003Ghz, then 3.000Ghz. (Up and down are off sync). Wow. That speed improvement is sometimes as high as 0.2%, and on average 0.1%. Benchmarks are going to rock. /s

Well, if my CPU can go faster, I want it to do THE MAX immediately, not slowly ramp up over a long time period. When you benchmark, you want the max-max right away not some slow rollercoaster ride designed for geriatrics.

I hope I misunderstood and it is more than just a marketing trick.

An "out of BIOS" voltage and frequency adjustment is good for on the fly settings. But can't software utilities do this also? This box seems redundant and yet another device and cables to make my untidy room even more untidy! ;)


After reading other sites, it seems that the device is really a manual voltage and frequency tweaker. The feature I criticised earlier is the "optimistic booster" feature. It is something they added, but isnt the real reason for the device... manual thumb click tweaking. They chose a good name for the automatic boost feature; "optimistic". You are going to have to be really optimistic to think it is going to make your PC rock. :pimp:
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I'm afraid you did misunderstand... otherwise I am.

The tool allows you to configure the clock speed(s) of the CPU in whatever increments you choose, so you can make it go up 2MHz every 5 seconds or make it decrease 10MHz every 3 seconds, etc etc.
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~Technological Technocrat~
Looks like they somewhat drew inspiration from Creatives 'Zen Micro' series MP3 players

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If it works well, it would be kinda cool.
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Big Member
I'm not sure WTF this does but it kinda sucks its limited to EVGA boards.
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its just an OCing tool and they put fancy features in (go up/down X MHz every Y seconds)

their marketing people probably had no idea what it all meant, and made it confusing
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Bird of Prey
Looks like a bad ass kind of cellphone/calculator combo.
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Sure. Pay $80 so that you don't have to hit the delete button to get into the bios? I'm sorry, but it sounds like this was just made for very lazy people.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
ASUS ROG Connect feature lets you do the same with your cellphone, if it has Bluetooth and supports Java (which most half-decent phones these days do).
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Don't leave this thing laying around and your kid thinks it's an mp3 player......KABOOM!:laugh:
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PP Mguire
Am i the only one who thinks this is a great idea? You cant exactly go into the bios to change volts while your in the middle of a benchmark.
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PP MguireAm i the only one who thinks this is a great idea? You cant exactly go into the bios to change volts while your in the middle of a benchmark.
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PauliegSure. Pay $80 so that you don't have to hit the delete button to get into the bios? I'm sorry, but it sounds like this was just made for very lazy people.
No it's simply made for people smarter than you. This allows you to OC in real time, without constantly rebooting to outdated technology like the bios so you can fine tune. This will save a lot of time, the worst part of benching new hardware, is finding the edge of where it can clock reliably, this will allow people to do so in real time, saving time and LN2.
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This little gadget is da bomb! :nutkick:
no cpu overhead like what you get with in operating system overclocking software like setfsb, volttuner, eleet, afterburner, you name it. I used this thing last night and it straight up rocks. Just about everything I punched in was rock solid. I've been able to push well past my previous overclocks with a 920.

I had my reservations but now I'm an beliEver :rockout:

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