Friday, December 18th 2009

Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Detailed

Cooler Master is days closer to unveiling the CM 690 II Advanced PC case, which builds on the legacy of its popular predecessor, the CM 690. What surfaced earlier this month as a cosmetic update to the CM 690 has turned out to be an overhaul in real terms, according to a leaked brochure. Noteworthy changes are listed below:
  • All-black interiors and rear-panel, rugged-looking gradients to the exteriors
  • Motherboard tray with discrete cable-management instead of cable-holding forks, opening behind CPU socket for easy cooler RM access,
  • modular 3.5" HDD bays with 2.5" and 1.8" HDD/SSD adapter
  • Mounts for two 2-fan radiators on top and bottom
  • Utility panel on top has a SATA HDD/SSD dock

According to its very own teaser site, the CM 690 II Advanced is 17 days away at the time of writing this article. Source: Case&
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43 Comments on Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Detailed

Best looking factory case I've seen yet. I think they're catching on. :toast:
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Yeah I've got my eye on this for sure.
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hope it is better at cooling than the first version i have
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That is actually a really nice case. I don't really like most CM cases, but this one is neat!
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Oh come on it's a HAF922 interior with a 690 shell. Nothing against it, but it's just obvious.
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Looks nice, like modular HDD bay!

VERY good idea.
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Soylent Joe
I love the CM holes. I'd much rather have individual holes than a big open section like there is on my case.
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Coolermaster can do no wrong - take note Thermaltake!
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The Knife in your Back
CM just provides what we want, and keeps giving it, best company ever! I'll prob stick with finish my HAF 922 mod, but this 690 is teh sex, it says room to install rads up top on that slide though. I wonder fif they move the top of the actual case closer up to the plastic?
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haahaaa shouldn't that say "... Vision, imagination and dreamS of millions of hardware enthusiasts.."

I had to read it a couple of times before it made sense... I am a bit slow though!! :)
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Bird of Prey
a lot better at cooling and cable management from the looks of it. Ive seen the ad in the newest CPU magazine they just sent me. looks uber sexy.
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Since mine is all cut to shit for the liquid cooling, which I'll no longer be doing liquid cooling:mad:, I think I'm gonna throw it away and pick this beauty up.
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The Exiled Airman
another 690 case, man why not just stick with the HAF and Improve on that same with the ATCS.
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I love the fact that CM added room up top for a 2 x 140 or 280mm radiator even though those aren't common. On the bottom, it looks like 4 of the 6 hard drive bays and the frame can be totally removed for air cooling or ventilation from the bottom.

A lot of really solid ideas went into this mid tower chassis.
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top mounted SATA HDD dock who'da thunk
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I do like my 690. CM seems to put a little thought into it cases.
But, I do not see anything to justify a large price increase, so I hope they keep the price down around the CM690 and it will be a decent case for the price.
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Wile E
Power User
DirectorC said:
Oh come on it's a HAF922 interior with a 690 shell. Nothing against it, but it's just obvious.
Which is a very welcome change to me. HAF's are as ugly as sin.
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Cooler Master make some really good cases, got me self an Atcs 840 and really happy with it :)
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Now that they revealed the inside of the case i have to say it looks great, although it still badly needs a side panel.
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PP Mguire
I might get this because it has a place where thick things can go behind your mobo tray. For instance a piece of metal and thick insulation :laugh:
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Noticed in the price link that this case has removeable HD trays. That and the cable cleanup ability is a huge plus for this case.
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Soylent Joe
kenkickr said:
Noticed in the price link that this case has removeable HD trays. That and the cable cleanup ability is a huge plus for this case.
That's awesome, the average user only needs a couple of 3.5" bays anyways.

89,90€ is about $130, a little high for my liking, although this case is very nice.
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I'm surprised no one else picked up on the HDD bay, its in the main photo XD

and I mentioned it ages ago lol
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