Wednesday, January 13th 2010

ASUS Eee Box EB1501 Gets Blu-ray Variant

ASUS' Eee Box EB1501 nettop released late last year got a Blu-ray variant with the EB1501-B0367. This variant has a slot-in Blu-ray drive, and is geared to be an aesthetic HTPC companion when paired with an external HDD. The Eee Box EB1501 is based on the NVIDIA ION platform, it which makes use of an Intel Atom 330 dual-core processor along with NVIDIA ION chipset. The chipset embeds GeForce 9400M graphics, which accelerates HD video, and can handle Blu-ray playback, and 1080p displays. Other specifications include 320 GB of storage, 2 GB of DDR2 memory, HDMI and D-Sub for display connectivity, WiFi, and Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It is expected to be priced at $620.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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9 Comments on ASUS Eee Box EB1501 Gets Blu-ray Variant

A Cheese Danish
So I see the price increase is due mainly to the Blu-ray drive.
Very nice to see they are aiming at the HTPC market by including the Blu-ray.
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Semi-Retired Folder
I know it is small, but really the price is excessive.

I mean, I can put together a machine that is still nano-itx, in a case that is only marginally bigger, for $100 less.
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blu-ray drives aren't cheap
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It is pricey but it's smaller than a normal standalone Blue Ray player and it's a computer as well. Pretty amazing really.
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Semi-Retired Folder
mtosevblu-ray drives aren't cheap
Cheap enough that I can build a virtually identical system, in a marginally larger case for $100 less...
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Freshwater Moderator
only $100 more for a prebuilt, aint a bad deal.
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Why not just build a cheap MicroATX Clarkdale i3 based HTPC and have better HDMI audio, not much more power footprint and a lot more power for other stuff you might want, all while have a more robust in/out.

Not to mention much easier to work on down the road.
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Because not everyone can build HTPC. I think this is really neat, extreme small + bluray = win.
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