Tuesday, March 2nd 2010

ASUS ROG Ares Graphics Card Benched

Here are some of the first pictures of a "living, breathing" ASUS ROG Ares graphics accelerator. This ASUS' latest creation packs two AMD Cypress GPUs running at 850 MHz (core), 1200 MHz (memory), with twice the amount of memory (2 GB per GPU, 4 GB total). It also packs an enthusiast-grade voltage circuitry that gives it an amount of overclocking headroom, as well as a complex cooling assembly.

At its CeBIT exhibit, ASUS also showed off the card's 3DMark Vantage score in the Extreme preset. The card secured a score of X14416, compared to a typical score of the reference Radeon HD 5970 to be around the X11000 mark. The bench was driven by an Intel Core i7 965 XE processor, ASUS Rampage II Extreme motherboard, and 6 GB of triple-channel memory. The ROG Ares should be out in a few weeks time. Its price and availability remain a mystery.

Source: PC Games Hardware
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mtosev said:
i'm more a rasional type of guy. i would ever pay more for a single component that only has a higher clock, or a higher multiplier.
Make around 200k a year and you'd be surprised what you'll start slipping into in a couple years.
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That's on sexy card. Next article: "OMG, single GFX break 600w barriers" or so I thought.
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3 slots wide. 3 power connectors. Ouch!

My PSU could handle this card but my wife would not like the electric bill. :laugh:
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Performance Enthusiast
jaredpace said:
Yeah you can always overclock the 2gb memory to 4gb
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So powerful!

god! it needs two 8pin plus one 6pin!
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clear doesnt mean that there isnt any for sale, just that asus got them all out thru the door and recieved $$$ for it.
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[I.R.A]_FBi said:
clear doesnt mean that there isnt any for sale, just that asus got them all out thru the door and recieved $$$ for it.
Ya, you're right. Though, I wonder how many actually sold?
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My name is Dave
Probably about 80%. I know 3 people locally who have 2 of 'em.

Heck I have the X1950 "UBER" edition pair, Toxic 4870x2, paid the same price for both, and have never even put them in a system...
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