Thursday, May 27th 2010

Shuttle Launches New 6-core Capable SX58J3 Mini-PC Barebone

Shuttle Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of multi-form-factor solutions such as the world-famous XPC Mini-PC Barebones, proudly announces today the launch of Europe-wide delivery of the new XPC Barebone SX58J3. This new model offers extraordinary computing power and its key features places it at the top end of what is currently feasible in terms of miniaturisation.

The SX58J3 is particularly remarkable thanks to its compatibility with Intel's ground-breaking 6-core processor, the Core i7-980X Extreme Edition (codename: Gulftown), as well with all Core i7 CPUs for socket 1366. To complement this, the four slots on the Barebone are able to accommodate up to 16 GB DDR3 memory. The central interface for all components is provided by an Intel X58 Express chipset which was especially developed for high-performance systems.
"This Mini-PC which measures just 33 x 21.5 x 19 cm contains the fastest desktop technologies currently available," states Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. "In particular, professional applications in the areas of media design, R&D and complex games benefit from the high performance density of the machine."

One modern dual-slot graphics card or two single-slot graphics cards with PCI-E-x16 interface can be used. ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI technologies are both supported.

The features of the SX58J3 include two Gigabit interfaces that can be redundantly switched in "Failover" mode or can support load increase with "Load Balancing".

The two hard drives which can be fitted in this Mini-PC with an internal volume of just 1300 cubic centimetres can be connected via RAID. A total of four interfaces for SATA devices and two for eSATA devices are available. There is also a power connection for external SATA devices. A card reader for standard types of memory card is located on the front panel.

The effective heatpipe cooling system ensures optimal stability in this model while the highly-efficient 80-PLUS-certified 500W power supply provides the necessary energy to meet all requirements.

The XPC Barebone SX58J3 is available from specialist retailers immediately. Shuttle's recommended retail price is EUR 470 (ex VAT). For more information, visit the product page.
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8 Comments on Shuttle Launches New 6-core Capable SX58J3 Mini-PC Barebone

Nice little power house, I do think it would need some modding to handle heat with a 2 card setup.
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My TT Lanbox Lite is 44x28x23. Slightly larger but i can fit in more expansion cards and i am also using full fledged PSU. But the heat can still be a problem with Core i7 on very high loads.
Cooling for CPU seems better here but PSU and graphic cards will suffer more.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
looks like a crappy version of the lian li desktop
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Soylent Joe
These things seem to come with a lot of proprietary stuff in them. That cooler is something made specifically for the case, as is the PSU. There are plenty of other cubical mATX cases out there that can support more and better hardware while costing no more than their finished barebone units when all is said and done.
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i cant wait untill i can get an itx board that will take a phenom x6
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pr0n Inspector
I can speak from experience that a powerful little box is always too noisy. I gave up on my sg02 and ordered a tj07.
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pr0n Inspector said:
I can speak from experience that a powerful little box is always too noisy. I gave up on my sg02 and ordered a tj07.
thats why i watercool:cool:
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My Thermaltake Lanbox Lite is slightly larger but i could make it really silent using air cooling only. And i'm using Core i7 920 and HD5850! Temps are maybe slightly higher than usual but not hearing any fans is just priceless.
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