Wednesday, June 16th 2010

EVGA Rolls Out GeForce GTX 480 SuperClocked+ Graphics Card

EVGA expanded its GeForce GTX 480 lineup with a new SuperClocked+ variant. Introduced with the GeForce 200 series, SuperClocked+ (SC+) is originally a factory overclock level that's between SC and SSC, but in case of the GTX 480, the SC+ has the same clock speeds as SC, with a few added features that might help increase the overclocking headroom. EVGA's GTX 480 lineup doesn't have an SSC variant yet, but there is an even higher FTW variant that comes with HydroCopper water block to sustain those high clock speeds, and provide some overclocking headroom.

The SC+ is air-cooled, and uses most of the NVIDIA reference board design. It has higher out of the box clock speeds, at 726 MHz GPU, 1451 MHz shader, and 950 MHz (3800 MHz effective) memory. It features 1536 MB of GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide memory interface, and 480 CUDA cores. The added features include an EVGA-made backplate that runs through the entire length of the reverse-side of the PCB, which dissipates some heat from the components behind, and a "high-flow bracket", an expansion bracket with more ventilation than the reference design bracket. With these two changes, EVGA claims the SC+ will run up to 7 °C cooler than the normal SC. Its bundle includes an HDMI cable (instead of a mini-standard dongle) which plugs into the mini-HDMI on one end, and a standard-sized HDMI device on the other; and a free copy of Cryostasis. The EVGA GTX 480 SC+ is priced $50 higher than the reference design base model, at $549.99.
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7 C? I'd like to see that plus the overclock is rubbish. Only for EVGA fans.
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Wile E
Power User
I bet the 7C comes from a fan speed BIOS tweak.
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You can't turn chicken shit into chicken salad.
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YES, a fukin backplate for once, finally and 7C cooler, thats something at least hmm might be a buy.
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Massive overclock.:shadedshu
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I don't get how the backplate helps dissipation? Wouldn't the bare PCB that the GTX 480 has now be even better?
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The back plate looks pretty good, plus its EVGA currently the number one brand with proven track record, but sadly the card it self sucks point blank and no matter how much it's dressed up i don't find it desirable, hopefully new rev. cards will change that.
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Can't companies release those cards (400 series ) with real cooling like what Zotac did cause so far only Zotac offer aftermarket cooling ....
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Personally, this is probably the only 480 I'd buy. A backplate is a must for anyone with a side window.
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Any chance that they will sell the backplate separately?
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Any chance that they will sell the backplate separately?
Look at the response above that I thanked.
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I'm sure they sell lead plated backplates to absorb the radiation come from that disaster Nvidia calls a GPU.
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