Monday, July 5th 2010

Enermax Announces Aeolus N14 Netbook Cooling Pad

The air circulation and heat dissipation of netbooks is often restricted by the limited space in and around the small casing. Therefore, many manufactures develop active or passive cooling systems, which, under normal conditions, offer an acceptable cooling performance. Since summer is here and the ambient temperature is rapidly rising, even the best cooling systems can reach their limits. As a consequence, essential components like CPU or graphics card have to struggle at unusual high temperatures.

Netbook temperatures can be significantly reduced by the use of a cooling pad. While there are many notebook coolers currently available on the market, most cannot be easily adapted for small-size notebooks or compact netbooks. With its Aeolus N14, Enermax has developed a cooling pad, which is specially designed for these small-size mobile computers. The virtually silent integrated 14cm fan ensures a steady stream of fresh air. The wide-area steel mesh offers not only an excellent thermal conduction, but also an unrestricted air circulation and well-balanced cooling performance.
Visually, Aeolus N14 follows the elegant appearance of larger Aeolus. Four blue LEDs, elegantly integrated into the design, create a harmonious and delicate light. Due to its compact size and low weight, Aeolus N14 can be easily carried along with your netbook for cooling anywhere. It even provides one additional USB port to directly connect a mouse or keyboard.

Aeolus N14 is available now, starting from just £17.90 (MSRP incl. VAT). More technical information can be found here.
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7 Comments on Enermax Announces Aeolus N14 Netbook Cooling Pad

For netbooks? I didn't think netbooks needed that much special cooling considering they're used for... umm... the net. It's a nice idea but I can't see the average netbook user wanting one. Cooling pads to me are for gaming or work type laptops, not fiddly netbooks.

On the side of how good it is, I do like the looks of it. It has a nice look on it so thumbs up for that and a 14cm fan will be quiet so that is another plus.
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I'd consider getting one in the future, my netbook gets toasty when i'm sketching or killing time with Peggle.
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Yeah my Netbook gets really hot when I play Half-Life on it or even just surfing the net for a long time. I might consider this if the price is right.;)
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t77snapshot said:
Yeah my Netbook gets really hot when I play Half-Life on it or even just surfing the net for a long time. I might consider this if the price is right.;)

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TPU addict
Kinda cool, I got the TT one a few weeks ago been good up to now. There was no chance i was paying Antec's prices thats for sure.

Thermaltake Massive23 ST 23cm fan Notebook Cooler ...

Been thinking of getting another or just modding this older one i have as the TT one don't tilt the laptop forward ( used for a PS3 ) which i like. The blue lights are not over done either.
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I think it would be awesome to have a version like this but with a little 2 port USB hub on it.
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Just make it a bit bigger and i think it would work for 15 inchers, it looks wayy better than some of its competition.
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