Friday, July 23rd 2010

Arctic Announces Thermodynamic PC Case & HDD Cooler Silentium T11 & ARCTIC HC01-TC

ARCTIC introduces two new products into the computer hardware market today – PC case, Silentium T11 and hard-drive cooler, ARCTIC HC01-TC. These products are an ideal combination for users to build a computer on their own, given that these new products are well-made in terms of their durability and functionality.

Choosing a well-made chassis for computer core components is an initial and critical decision for computer builders. A chassis nowadays is more than just a skeleton to provide structure for the components, it should also be a framework that allows good and silent cooling, and have a stylish appearance at the same time. The new chassis, ARCTIC Silentium T11, contains all the superior qualities that any computer users may look for. This series is affordable, yet offering exceptional durability, expandability and accessibility to users.
The Silentium T11 is a mid-tower with dimensions of 49 (L) x 43 (H) x 19cm (W). The design of this chassis features sturdy and durable steel construction that provides solid foundation for computer internal hardware. There are two USB and audio ports on the front of the chassis to allow users to connect external and audio devices easily. For visual appearance, the front panel also includes two covers to conceal CD-ROM and DVD-writer device bays. It contains four 5.25” external drive bays and one 3.5” internal drive bay. Its design also supports up to 35cm long of high-end VGA boards. The spacious space inside the chassis is ideal for overclockers to install. The Silentium T11 also showcases tool-free installation for quick assembly and upgrade. Side panel slides open easily with thumb screws. Similarly, tool-free and screwless installation for mounting 5.25” drive bays is also very convenient for builders. The Silentium T11 is available in black and white.

The Case with ARCTIC Temperature-Controlled Fans
The Silentium T11 comes with two temperature-controlled ARCTIC 120mm fans. These controlled fans complement with the framework of the chassis to provide adequate airflow and offer maximum cooling performance at a minimum noise level. The temperature controlled fans are ideal to provide sufficient ventilation inside the chassis.

Since these fans are able to self-regulate their speed and work automatically according to the internal chassis temperature, further adjustments in computer settings are not required. The speed of the fan is able to remain at its lowest rpm at most times. This is to offer adequate ventilation at lowest noise level possible. However, the fan speed is adjusted to its maximum to provide instant cooling when the internal temperature reaches its critical range.

The Air Flow inside the Chassis
Unlike other generic PC cases, the design of the Silentium T11 is different in several ways to provide maximum cooling capacity to the internal computer hardware. Besides the two intaking fans, the Silentium T11 incorporates an unprecedented feature, a VGA air hood, to guide intake air directly to the VGA board. The air hood acts as a tunnel to trap the incoming air to flow into the VGA board directly and thus, provide maximum cooling effect to the VGA board.

The rear fan pulls in cool air into the case and gives sufficient cool air to the CPU. The CPU is then able to maintain at a low temperature since the rear fan is feeding cool air into the CPU cooler. This is what makes the Silentium T11 to be superior since it offers new fan ventilation technology.

All in all, the Silentium T11 is an ultimate computer case for anybody – from personal or home office users to professional overclockers. Since it is embedded with high-quality and convenient features, the ARCTIC Silentium T11 is an excellent option when choosing a computer case.

The Silentium T11 comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It is available in mid of October 2010. The MSRP is US$59.95/ 49.95€, excl.VAT.

Cooling Down Your Hard Drive Silently and Effectively
A hard disk is a vital component in a computer and since it is susceptible to heat, installing a cooler that is designated for the hard drive is a good option. Maintaining the running hard drive at lowest temperature at all times allows it to be more stable and to have a longer life span. The ARCTIC HC01-TC contains all the attributes that are necessary for any computer users as it can cool down the hard drive silently.

The dimensions of the ARCTIC HC01-TC is 147 (W) x 42 (H) x 187mm (D). It is a hard drive cooler case that is compatible with 3.5” SATA hard drives and fits 5.25” standard device bays. The cooler comes with a 40mm temperature-controlled fan on the back of the case to provide cool air to the hard drive. In this case, the rear-end fan intakes the warm air from the hard drive at the front and extracts the heated air at the back. This gives optimal cooling performance to the running hard drive.

Since the ARCTIC HC01-TC acts as a single cooling frame for the hard drive, the cooler isolates the hard drive from vibrating with the computer case. The absorption foam inside the ARCTIC HC01-TC is a feature to help the hard drive to run more silently. This foam eliminates vibration of the running hard drive; hence reducing any noise that the hard drive produces.

Featuring Intelligent Temperature Sensor Probe
A temperature sensor cable is attached onto the hard drive to measure the heat and control the fan speed accordingly. The warmer the hard drive gets, the faster the fan spins. The fan runs within the range from 1,600 to a maximum of 4,600 RPM. The fan remains virtually silent at most times as its maximum fan speed is only activated when the hard drive is above 47°C. Thus, when the hard drive temperature reaches its critical temperature range, the fan is able to reduce the heat immediately and effectively. With this performance, the ARCTIC HC01-TC is able to lower the hard drive temperature up to 10°C while reducing the noise at the same time.

All in all, the ARCTIC HC01-TC meets the ultimate goals that most users strive for: cooling down the hard disk efficiently and making it run more silently. The ARCTIC HC01-TC can help to prevent overheat failures and extends the life time of a hard disk drive.

The ARCTIC HC01-TC comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It is available in end of August 2010. The MSRP is US$22.95 / 17.95€, excl.VAT.
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17 Comments on Arctic Announces Thermodynamic PC Case & HDD Cooler Silentium T11 & ARCTIC HC01-TC

Case is fugly looking, looks like some of the cheap generic £15 cases from china :mad:
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This is like a dream come true. I was on the look for a good case, but not that expensive. Eagerly looking forward to it, hope to see it closer in Romania.

Edit: Blah. Case=50$. Better stuff at that price point. I thought that the case is 17.95E... was in a hurry and got too excited.
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Indeed, not impressive at all, sorry, another fail by Arctic :(
I mean, who in their right mind buys a case with a top mounted PSU these days?
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I could maybe understand that HDD cooler, if the fan would be a wide radial type, something like this.

I have a table fan with that design and it's very powerful, but doesn't make much noise.

But that tiny whiner... :slap:
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TPU addict
Wow most ugly contest ?.
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Well that fan on the hard drive cooler looks like it will suck, and not in the way I'll want it to. All I can see it doing it making a heck of a din, the little whiny thing. I can't see that matching ACs normal policy of making nice quiet stuff.
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Bird of Prey
The case does look old school like some of the old beige boxes; but it also looks pretty cool too. Its functional on a high level. Sure, top mounted PSUs might not work for most folks, but the heat it puts out, its not a bad spot. I prefer the bottom mounted psus myself. One thing I have a question about with this case: If the 2 front fans pull in cool air and the back fan (which is normally exhaust) pulls in cool air for the CPU and then there is a side duct/fan combo to direct "fresh" air on the GPU, where the hell does all the warm/hot air go? Other than that, I like the case and would purchase it for a quiet/good cooling performance combo, provided there is a way for heat to exhaust.
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I bet this case will make me lose my DVI ports maight????????? :nutkick:
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~Technological Technocrat~
those PC cases kinda remind me of the early early PCs that were only available in Micro-ATX (PII-PIII Era) except their in sliver/black and silver/white instead of the 1 tone beige.
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This has me thinking of a new mod. Maybe I could make custom vents that lead from one of my front fans directly to the GPU.

Would that be a good idea, I think I could pull it off.
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In a time when poor product launches can kill a company, Arctic announce too complete rubbish products.

Case looks 5 years behind the times, although one thing to not is the front intake fan blowing directly onto the GPU area. Because of bottom mounted PSU's, the usual front intake fan only blows on the back of the PSU. (hence an increase in side fans on recent cases)

Hard drive cooler is something from over 5 years ago. Good passive coolers are fine for hard drives now a days, and with SSD drives becoming more popular, there will be little demand for hard drive coolers and silencers.

Personally I am waiting for the follow up to the Lancool K62. I want a new case like that, but with USB 3 front sockets (top ) and slightly larger so it take take a internal fan that can blow directly over the GPU area - much like the design in the new HAF X.
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I guess not everyone is like Corsair and does their homework before releasing a product into the market.
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That design is about or more than a decade old.
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where the hell are my stars
looks like the old dell inspiron cases
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they copied my airflow!!! lol and tumbs up

As for design... its personal. Very few designs are time-less.
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