Thursday, August 19th 2010

AeroCool Intros Strike-X Gaming Mid-Tower Case

AeroCool introduced the Strike-X gaming PC chassis. This ATX mid-tower sports a space-age design with distinct x-shaped grills panels and structures. It is built for rough and touch use for the LAN party-animals, and comes in total-black, or with a dash of red. Drive bays included are 9 5.25" (with internal 3.5" cages detachable). The ventilation system includes 120 mm fans on the side and rear, and one 140 mm fan on top. The chassis is mostly tool-free, as far as installing drives and addon cards goes. The rear panel holds two handles that make opening the side panels easy, and holes for water-cooling tubing. The front-panel includes audio and USB ports. AeroCool's new case is expected to be priced at 60 EUR.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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14 Comments on AeroCool Intros Strike-X Gaming Mid-Tower Case

something nice from AeroCool ... 60EUR ? not bad , not bad at all .
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Mmm should be blue-yellow the colour scheme. With the front protected with six lines in adamantium silver.
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Those nice pull handles on the rear won't at all get in the way of ports on expansion cards...
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Bird of Prey
I dont think it is vomit inducing personally. I love the red black look with the red mobo tray. Actually pretty damn nice from them.
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Too over the top for me. Then again, I'm a tech station loyalist now anyway.
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agree w/ doug + danish

that thing is fugly. you'd have to be heavily intoxicated to even think about putting your parts into that thing.

and what the hell makes it a gaming tower? LEDs and cheesy shit added onto it? what does that crap have to do with gaming
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Marketers these days will call anything "gaming."
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You know what, a damn good effort and does not look to bad
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concidering the brand the case looks good sort of antec with a twist, better than alot of the cases released lately from the bigger guys:)
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Graphical Hacker
You can hide your pr0n in this case, and nobody would suspect it, especially with the three x's on it.

Not bad looking if you ask me. Not sure why the side fan is where it is but whatever.
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Looks nice and the layout is outstanding.
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I don't have any previous experience with AeroCool's cases, but this one looks great, and I hope that the build quality matches the looks.
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