Thursday, August 26th 2010

ATI Radeon HD 6000 Series GPU Codenames Surface

Even as NVIDIA is taking its own sweet time to complete building its lineup of DirectX 11 compliant GPUs to target all market segments, AMD, which got a 6 months' headstart into releasing its lineup, which ended up targeting all market segments in a span of 5 months, is readying the Radeon HD 6000 series for launch well within this year. Just as the Radeon HD 5000 series GPU family was codenamed Evergreen with its members codenamed after evergreen trees (such as Cypress, Juniper, Redwood, Cedar), the Radeon HD 6000 is codenamed "Southern Islands", with its members codenamed after islands in the Caribbean (not islands in the Mediterranean).

"Bart" (after Saint Barthélemy island) is the codename for the performance/upper-mid segment GPU, a successor to the "Juniper" Radeon HD 5700 series. "Cayman" (after Cayman Islands) is the enthusiast GPU, successor to Cypress, and will go into making SKUs that succeed the Radeon HD 5800 series. Finally, the king of the hill is codenamed "Antilles" (after Antilles Islands), it is the dual-GPU SKU that makes use of two Cayman GPUs, successor to the Radeon HD 5970 "Hemlock". AMD partners will be in a position to sell graphics cards based on these by November 2010. The Radeon HD 6970 "Antilles" should be out by December 2010. The lower-half of the family will likely release next year. Source: DonanimHaber
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53 Comments on ATI Radeon HD 6000 Series GPU Codenames Surface

will upgrade to one of these!
need to get money by then... :D
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
I'll probably sell my two GTX 470's for at least one 6870 if i can.:)(or a 6970 if i get lucky and the it's not to big)
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damn CDd55, as I remember you were on a budget not long ago. Looks like that budget's grown massive. :p
I'm almost no doubt buying a 6850, but just hope the prices are decent! :cry:
Will measure it up against a 6870 though, since 5850 could clock close to 5870 and was the most efficient card at HD in the WORLD (until the 5450 apparently), I'll be comparing the 6850 & 70 the same way to see if the extra cost is really worth it.
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