Monday, August 30th 2010

ASUS GeForce GTS 450 DirectCu Spotted in the Wild

One of ASUS' first implementations of the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 mid-range GPU, the ASUS ENGTS450 DirectCu, has been listed on a Bulgarian online store. The picture reveals a fairly long graphics card that features ASUS' popular DirectCu (direct copper) GPU heatsink assembly, which the company has used extensively on upper Mid-range thru performance graphics cards, from both its Radeon (EAH) and GeForce (EAN) product lines. From what little we can see, the card has one each of DVI, D-Sub, and HDMI connectors, one SLI connector, and a design which ASUS claims to be 20% cooler and 35% quieter than the NVIDIA reference design.

This exposé also confirms the GPU specifications we earlier reported: 40 nm core, 192 CUDA cores, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 128-bit wide memory interface, and clock speeds of 783/1566/~900 (~3600 eff.) MHz (core/CUDA core/memory) speeds. The card is expected to be priced around 145 EUR before applicable taxes.
Sources: VR-Zone, HardwareBG
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actually there is one of those in my local store :rockout: im just waiting for the benches its price is higher than hd5770 and lower that its 214$

GPU: nVidia GTS 450
Manufacturing procces: 40nm
PCI-E 2.0 x16
Memory: 1GB DDR5 (128-bit)
Core clock: 783Mhz
Sheder clock: 1566MHz
Memory clock: 1800 MHz (effective 3600 Mhz)
stream proccesors: 192
supported DirectX version: 11.0
supported OpenGL version: 4.1
TPU?: <125 W
CUDA parallel processing , GeForce PhysX

its in bulgarian so i tried to change it to english so its me who wrote that:rockout::rockout:
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The card is expected to be priced around 145 EUR before applicable taxes.
I sure hope that's not the final price. Because if that's correct, the price after taxes will be 145 + 0,2(since the average VAT in Europe is about 20%) * 145 = 174 euros. And that's how much a GTX 460 costs. For the price to be reasonable, it should be 145 after taxes.
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Presumably, these are slower than a 460 but faster than a 250. So that makes them about 20 - 30% faster than a 250?

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Performance Enthusiast
probably spot on btarunr, it wont be far from that position if it isn't exactly there.
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should be somewhat close to that Bta - since it has 192 SP, just like the first rev of the 260. With greater efficiency, I can see this card being 2-4% faster than the 260 with 192 SP.
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bear jesus
I can't wait to see the sli benchmarks from these, for a budget gamer one and then maybe a second in the future may be a great option but also it may make for a great low(er) wattage folding card
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That card looks longer than the GTX460. What gives?
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