Tuesday, October 26th 2010

Enermax Intros LuxuRay ATX Mid-Tower Case to the Market

Enermax released the LuxuRay ATX mid-tower chassis to the market. Its styling includes a piano-black front, all-black interiors, with use of SECC steel and plastic, mainly. An Apollish Vegas multi-color fan decks up the front, with a variety of color settings. The drive bays are tool-free, and expansion slot covers replaceable. There are holes on the motherboard tray for cable and CPU cooler management. The case measures 470 x 200 x 445 mm. Ventilation includes one 120 mm front intake, and slots for one 120 mm rear, two 120 mm side and one 120 mm top fans. The utility panel on the front includes USB 2.0, audio and eSATA ports. The LuxuRay is priced at US $69.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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8 Comments on Enermax Intros LuxuRay ATX Mid-Tower Case to the Market

This case just seems well feature-less and barren for 70 dollars, I mean yeah it's branded Enermax and it's painted inside, but what else does it have, just seems meh, in both design and features.
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Looks OK to me - it has cable management holes, a bottom mounted PSU, side loading for the HDD rack, a space behind the CPU bracket for easy cooler removal/cleaning without removing the motherboard. It's also painted on the inside.

Not sure if i like the glossy mirror finish on the front of those renders but i'm not the target market for a mid-range case like this.
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I think this case looks AWESOME for $70. Cable management, sharp looks, and hopefully solid build quality. I like the mirror finish. The point is to not touch the outside of the computer after building it. Keep it nice n' shiny.
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A multicolor fan ... well, if THAT ain't something to pay 70 bucks for! :roll:

Seriously, though, the case looks neat. It's just one of them shiny bricks that have nothing in excess, cover all the basics for a modern system and have a premium name-tag on it, to justify the $$.
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Congrats Enermax, you've managed another cookie-cutter case. Oh, sorry, it's got a new gimicky fan this time so it's obviously a different case. At least you were kind enough to include a rear 120mm fan too then... Oh, wait nope, guess not. Sorry Enermax, better luck next time.
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One 12 cm fan on the bottom and two on the top, and a shroud for the top fans. That should do it. Looks like a good base for a modded case. Really liking the tinted front.
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