Monday, November 15th 2010

MSI Announces N460GTX SE Cyclone Series Graphics Card

MSI, the globally-renown graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, is proud to announce today the N460GTX-SE Cyclone series graphics cards. Equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE GPU and top Military Class components, up to 30% overclocking potential can be reached on the N460GTX-SE Cyclone series via MSI Afterburner's over voltage function for GPU. In addition, by using the MSI-exclusive Cyclone thermal design with 9cm PWM fan, dual heat pipes and nickel-plated copper base, the N460GTX-SE Cyclone effectively dissipates heat and generates 15.7% lower noise than the reference cooler under full load to create a quiet gaming environment for users.
Exclusive Cyclone Thermal Design: Extra Airflow , Minimal Noise
MSI’s N460GTX-SE Cyclone series graphics card is equipped with our exclusive Cyclone thermal design. Thermals generated from the GPU are effectively transferred to the nickel-plated copper base, and two heat pipes quickly transfer heat to the fins. The 9cm large PWM fan provides massive amounts of airflow, dissipating the heat quickly. Aside from effectively reducing the GPU temperature, the Cyclone thermal design reduces fan noise by up to 15.7% when compared to the reference cooler,. The N460GTX-SE Cyclone series maintains a perfect balance between cooling and acoustics to deliver a quiet and cool graphics platform.

GPU Voltage Adjustment via Afterburner: Incredible Performance Boost
Utilizing MSI's exclusive Afterburner overclocking software, users can adjust the fan speed as well as fine-tune the voltage of the GPU to completely unleash its power, significantly enhancing the performance of the GF104 GPU by up to 30%. With the fortified Cyclone thermal design and top quality Military Class components supporting the latest NVIDIA 3D Vision, PhysX, SLI, and CUDA technologies, MSI’s N460GTX-SE Cyclone series is the new perfect choice for power users.

Military Class Components: Longer Life and Greater Stability
For the ultimate in stability, durability and extreme performance, MSI provides our top quality Military Class components for the N460GTX-SE. Hi-C CAPs are chosen to provide exceptional power delivery and space-age technology for the GPU, and noiseless/low-vibration Solid State Chokes (SSC) are integrated on the N460GTX-SE Cyclone series graphics cards for high performance without noise. Also, Solid Caps are used to maximize the lifespan of products without risk of leakage from failing components.
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Out of the 2 460 SE's, this one seems much better with its fan. Easier to puff the dust out of it. Pity they didn't get technical though.
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Wish the picture was bigger.
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