Tuesday, November 16th 2010

MSI Readies Radeon HD 6870 Twin Frozr II Graphics Card

Prepare for a wave of custom-design AMD Radeon HD 6870 graphics cards. MSI joins the party with its new R6870 Twin Frozr II graphics card that uses the company's tried and tested Twin Frozr II GPU heatsink assembly on top of AMD reference design PCB. The cooler is advertised to keep the GPU up to 19 °C cooler, and 12.8 dB quieter compared to the AMD reference design cooler. It makes use of a large aluminum fin array to which heat is conveyed by 8 mm thick heat pipes. Ventilation is care of two 90 mm fans. MSI didn't specify if this card is factory-overclocked, but there's a good chance it is. Expect MSI's card to be launched in the days to come.

Source: HardwareZone
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5 Comments on MSI Readies Radeon HD 6870 Twin Frozr II Graphics Card

please not over $300. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese! :cry:
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Looks like my next card to me...
Waiting for wizz to test it, if its silent enough im sold...
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Bird of Prey
These are all fine and good but I would really like to see some new pcbs without the reference desgin :)
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
Why not just wait til 69xx series
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