Monday, December 6th 2010

TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

TechPowerUp is celebrating the launch of Futuremark 3DMark 11, the company's next-generation 3D graphics benchmark. We will be giving away four keys of 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition, the variant that is tailored for gamers and overclockers alike. To stand a chance to win, simply post in the comments why you love visiting TechPowerUp. Keep your post as concise as possible. We will announce four lucky winners on launch-day of 3DMark 11.

Some terms and conditions:
  • Only one post allowed per user.
  • Participants can edit their entries
  • Thread will be closed on 7th December 2010, at 11:59 PM CET (Central European Time).
  • All members are allowed to participate
Update: We now have 6 keys to give away.
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335 Comments on TechPowerUp Giving Away 3DMark 11 Keys

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I love visiting TechPowerUp because of the pristine blue water gently lapping against the white sandy beaches, the beautiful, long hair girls in bikinis and the delightful coconut and pineapple flavored mixed drinks.
Oh wait ... that's the Caribbean. My bad.

I love TPU 'cause it's "home". :toast:
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Good going!

I think you have the most informative reviews of all the tech review websites I know of, because of this I've always recommended you to anyone who was looking for a good video card review website.
I really appreciate the performance per watt graphs.

Keep up the good work!
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For me, you go to other similar sites that are more concerned with status and ego,
Here you need any help at all and many people will come to help you with your problem,
Its a wonderful tech site with many helpful, educated people who know their 'stuff'.
You get the some of the best, most unbiased reviews of products.
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It's the source for tech news and truly unique in-house reviews!
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i got 2 more keys. now total keys SIX

FlanK3r said:
whau, six keys, more chances for us?:)
yes. i'll just draw 6 winners from the posts in this thread
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Great UNBIASED reviews does it for me. Top that with the great comunity and lots of news, and Techpower up is the winner in my book

Thats why i come here
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love at first sight it was, I remember the day I first saw her... ahh how sexy. ;) how beautiful, how sweet.. tpu is just the best, no other argument necessary. keep on keepin on tpu.
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Why do I love visiting TPU?

W1zzard's reviews, which are some of the most detailed and thorough available anywhere. I know that if W1zz says a product is good, then I can buy it with no qualms.
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The first thing when I have started up my Computer is going to TechPowerUp!
Cause I love to read all the great News, Reviews, Articles and be UP to date
and can talk with other people about it.. thats why I love TechPowerUP! :toast:
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Winners are: techie81, AsphyxiA, MoonPig, damric, AndreiD, ShogoXT

I sent the keys via PM. Congratulations!
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